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SPACEFUTURE! Meet the Yogs (Holy Batmen Aliens!)


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We've seen Mole People. We've seen Mouse People. Now, let's meet some Bat People! These are Yogs from Zombiesmith and I love them so much. My players, probably less so. 


Look at those lumpy, top-heavy armored union suits! Those dainty feet and burly arms! 





These models are "Yog Skusto," clearly the fellows in charge of fighting and labor. I added some GW Bitz--they did not come with the ring plate on the back or the little reliquaries.

But it adds visual interest and I like the juxtaposition of this diving-suit-era technology and elaborate religion. I figure at least one of my sci-fi factions should be strongly influenced by faith and zeal.





And especially so in the case of Yog Sagonto here! This one got a lot of bitz added, including about five books, but the seals and scrolls on their cape came with the model. Clearly the intellectual / ambassador / diplomat / prophet type.  Needs a grandiose title like "High Proselyte and Exalted Scriptorian Sagonto of the Desmodans."












Clearly a creature that values the written word. I love the revealed culture in all the little details. 




Of course they are vampire bats. Alien religions are fun, and B-movies show us that SPACE VAMPIRES are also fun, and the World of Darkness games show us that religious vampires are also fun! So a highly religious species of blood-drinking chiropterans surviving on a geothermally dying planet orbiting a lightless system whose sun collapsed into a black hole ('cause symbolism is fun too) should be pretty rad. Great opportunity for ethical dilemmas, philosophical questions, or just straight-up pew-pew laser fights.

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Thank you all! 

On 11/5/2021 at 11:11 AM, Iridil said:

Really cool minis painted up wonderfully!

Between painting and posting, it looks like Zombiesmith has made another couple of Yog sculpts! I'll have to keep up!


On 11/5/2021 at 1:59 AM, Glitterwolf said:

That's awesome, never seen batpeople as aliens before.

Good work!


On 11/4/2021 at 8:20 PM, Chaoswolf said:

There are some pretty interesting figures. Nice work on painting them.


On 11/4/2021 at 7:30 PM, Darcstaar said:


On 11/4/2021 at 3:52 PM, Inarah said:

Nice to see something original on the table now and then. Hope your players have fun with the encounter. 

Thanks! It seems so obvious in hindsight, doesn't it? Most mammals are either rodents or bats; there's a deep well of untapped potential there. Especially as fantasy bat-people are so rad.
Note: none of my ideas are original; the movie 'Lifeforce,' an adaptation of Colin Wilson's "The Space Vampires" features chiropteran humanoids as corpses of an almost-extinct species. I also have a very clear memory of seeing a fragment of a movie in the late 90s or early 2000s involving a laughing bat-alien and a series of pyramids, but have zero further memories or context for it...one of those mysteries, I suppose.

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