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Reaper BaseBoss 2: Enthusiasm and Commentary!


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On 1/18/2022 at 4:06 PM, Reaper_Jon said:

cecil 3.jpg

Let's talk about the Hex Inserts. 

The moment I saw that painted sample on the right, I said to myself "That kind of looks like a Mighty Empires tile. Too bad it's a circle - it would be awesome if it was a hex."

So now that Reaper is offering hex inserts, here is my hope for them.  First, that they have at least four variants. Second, that those variants could be used to "replicate" a straight river tile, a curved river tile, a river fork tile and a tile with no river. Third, that the "rivers" would line up with each other edge to edge.  That would allow these inserts to essentially replicate the Mighty Empire tiles shown below:


I don't believe that there is anything about my request here that would be an issue for anyone looking to use these as their intended purpose - as a hex insert for basing a mini on a hex base. However, paying attention to the details that would be needed to allow them to be used as a mini terrain building tile - basically, a smaller version of the old GW Mighty Empires tile - would give them a secondary use and a thus a secondary market, for little to nothing on Reaper's part. 

As a hex base insert, I might buy a couple blisters at best for my CAV figures.  But if I can use them as tiny mighty empire tiles, I'll buy a lot more than that.    The original GW Mighty Empires box had 48 tiles for something like $60 originally,  Assuming that the retail price will be similar to the 74043 hex base they're intended for (20 for $6), that would be less than $20 for the same number of tiles. Buying used ME tiles on eBay these days runs $2 or more per tile!.

Sure, with only four variants, Reaper wouldn't have the same variety, nor the mountain tiles that the GW box does, but even at retail prices, I could do something much grander for less money than I've been able to do with my GW tiles (and in less space, too). I could even afford to glue them down in permanent maps!

So @Reaper_Jon please, please, please, please - now that you're offering up hex based inserts, and talking about a variety for each type - please, please take my requests into consideration. 

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Pic from today’s newsletter, under the Base Boss 2 section of the newsletter. 



I think Reaper responded to requests on the KS comments about wood plank bases, but nothing official about them being a selectable option has been posted. 

The following info comes from @Reaper_Jon in the discord:




This is a 25 MM RPG base (74035) and Daryll told me this is the 28MM insert in the KS, which is actually 24.5 MM to fit on the 28MM base in the KS.

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  • Super Administrators

Here is a quick little preview of an update that should be going out later today! Some variations of the lava and tech bases, Also I was told that the Wood planks and Skull base will be shown!

quick base boss.png

Also I got the sizing chart from D. So hopefully this helps with the insets ETC. 

So the bases are measured from the bottom of the base, and then it tappers up, so from my understanding this is the breakdown of them as they were printed.

base boss 2 measurement.png

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On 3/1/2022 at 7:59 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Cancelled my pledge.  Just isn't much to go on with the sparse updates.


Have to admit I'm feeling a little confused too.  More pictures and size information would be helpful.   I do really like the variety in the sci-fi bases though. 


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Specifics have not yet been decided, but it was mentioned on Reaper Live tonight that the Base Boss PM will be open for 30-60 days. 

7 minutes ago, Inarah said:


More … size information would be helpful. 


Reaper really does need to get better about communicating clearly to backers on Kickstarter, but Jon did clarify for me on the discord that the size chart he posted two comments above yours is indicative of the size of the inserts (they match the ‘Top’ column, but are named by the ‘Bottom’ column, as that is the base size it is intended to be paired with).

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I kinda wanna reduce or cancel my pledge, but I also wanna see what the PM has. I'll mostly just get the rpg bases that are useful to me vs getting anything in the KS. Problem with that is the delivery date of August this year (or more, or earlier, who knows). I'm set for bases, but always have need of them.


We shall see, in a few hours, I guess.


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2 hours ago, haldir said:

I kinda wanna reduce or cancel my pledge, but I also wanna see what the PM has. I'll mostly just get the rpg bases that are useful to me vs getting anything in the KS. Problem with that is the delivery date of August this year (or more, or earlier, who knows). I'm set for bases, but always have need of them.


We shall see, in a few hours, I guess.


This is exactly where I am at as well. 

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Update #4: 1 hour to go!




Thank all of you for backing this KS.

As with anything new, we sure learned a lot. Once we get a feel for the demand we will certainly be looking at expanding existing designs with more variation as well as introducing completely new designs.


I just spoke with our IT boss and he believes, like all of our prior KS, it will be about two weeks before the PM is live.

Also, regular Base Boss bases will be part of the PM. Not announcing which ones yet, but they will be well represented.

Thank you ~ 


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