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Spray booth DIY


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With limited space and booths being pretty expensive, I wanted to find an alternative. 

I'd seen a number of YouTube videos of folks using Filtrete filters as a means to catch much of the spray.  I realize this isn't the healthiest, best, or probably someone will say it's unsafe.  All I can say is it's saved me a bunch of room, cost, and helps me continue my hobby work.




It was worth sharing, but always open to feedback or views.  


I purchased an $18 box fan.  Turned it backward so it pulls in air rather than blows.  We live in a super smoky area in the summer, which now seems like every summer, I digress.  However, many folks are using these as a smoke and particulate filter in this same way.  They stick a Filtrete filter to the suction end, which pulls the air through the filter.  




I took this same concept and created a 19x19x7 foam board funnel.  It works as both a spot to stand up the minis as they are gassing off after priming/painting.  




Admittedly, there's still a slight smell in the air after priming, but I only notice this with Stynlrez (as I've mentioned in another post) and not so much with other paints or primers.  The filter handles about, what I'd estimate to a good 5 hours of painting.  Since I prime and such in 20 to 30 minute increments, it gives me quite a few rounds in there before needing to change it.  I'm still not even certain it 'needs' changing, but I feel better knowing it's less gunked-up and keeping a fresh filter around.  Since filters were at Costco and Home Depot pretty cheap, I figured I'll keep some on hand for changing out.  In the long run, I suppose the cost for a spray booth would be equal, but the space they take up and initial cost I didn't want to do.  Plus now I have a backup fan for when it's smoky this summer. Yay.


I hope this is helpful for those of you needing a spray station in a smaller space on a budget.


I'm kind of impressed with how much air it pulls through the filter. Just makes sure you get a good seal around the sides of your funnel if you do this.  


Oh, and I still wear a respirator as a precaution.  I think that's a must when using things that have small particulates in the air.  


Here's what a filter looks like after about 5 to 6 hours.




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That's similar to what I use, though I use a better fan. I'd recommend adding a MERV2 fiberglass filter in front of the better filter. It with catch larger particles and a lot of the over spray so that the better filter doesn't clog as fast. You can go much longer without needing to replace either filter that way.

Don't ever use rattle cans or solvent based paints with that set up. That kind of fan can light the fumes on fire.

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21 hours ago, R2ED said:

I would never use spray cans inside, but that's a good note to put for all to see.  


Knowing not to use strong propellants indoors is good.  And knowing is half the battle.  Gooooooo Joe!


This also include solvent based paints, like Tamiya acrylics, used in an airbrush.

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On 11/6/2021 at 12:16 PM, R2ED said:

Admittedly, there's still a slight smell in the air after priming


You could try adding an activated charcoal filter behind your base filter, though your air flow will decrease the more layers you add.


Important disclaimer for posterity's sake/future readers: even with a charcoal filter, the setup is not suitable for using any aerosol sprays and/or non-water based solvents as already noted.

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@ManvsMinigood call.  I want as much suction as possible through this filter so i don't get any little wisps getting away. I want all overspray pulled through that filter to make sure the paint's last blotch is going on that filter and no where else. I want to hear the screams of my paint being whisked away and to never spatter my work area again.  


Take that, paint particulates!


Good point through, @ManvsMini. I just know my personal preference is to maximize suction within the booth. So far no weird smells or feeling like a lot is getting by the filter now. 

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