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Spacefuture! Modified Hydra Dragon-Man: Meet Atrox, friendly planetary arms dealer!


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Matthew Beauchamp recently sculpted an excellent line of Dragon Men for his Retroverse. I had to get them--and they are massive and burly, about 45mm or so! Great scaly brutes, 
But the heads were a little less reptilian and more orcish than I would like, having committed to the Antediluvian aesthetic of Buckland Rogers.  Don't worry, I'll find a use for that head somewhere. 
So I took a couple of hours with Green Stuff and a dental tool and made a new hunchbacked crocodilian/mosasaur head, scarred and with a toothy muzzle. This is a prominent NPC in my spacefuture games, Atrox the weapons merchant. 




He is about nine foot tall, cheerfully violent and moderately amoral. Won't sell biological weapons or anything with long-half-life decay products, but otherwise it's fair game if you have the credits.



Pretty scarred about the face and neck, because he's a professional and insists on testing each type of weapon before selling. Also from ritual Laser-Glaive duels.





I have decided his species mostly practices gigantocracy: whoever is biggest gets to rule. Not a perfect system, but very good at supply logistics and famine avoidance.


"Perhapf sir would care to infpect our line of Deathshead blafters? Only the finest quality!"



"Flamerf, zapperf, plafma-bolterf, we got it. Throw in a laser free with every third purchase."



"We think thif one is from the future. I call it an Ontological Disruptor.  Dunno HOW it works, but push thif button and the target vanishes from the physical univerfe for 6.3 secondf. The savvy tacticianf can immediately fee the poffibilitief."



"Or perhapf sir would like a more ELEGANT weapon, from a leff civilized age?"



"Clubf, maces, nooses, axes single or double, goads, prods, glaivef, fpears, throwable mambelef--oh, the Vault?"




"I see that sir is a discerning customer! Only the moft DEVAFTATING beam weaponf and mortarf to be found thif side of New Xibalba!" 







"But don't juft take MY word for it! Liften to the teftimonialf of our satisfied customerf!"



"Query: source of ordnance --> return: Atrox!"



"This entity went to Atrox!"



"Ah went to Atrox! A square deal for a fair price!"



"Yark gak akk ark gork Atrox!"



"I went to Atrox!"




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Thank you all!

20 hours ago, BadgersinMeadows said:

Great stuff, and lovely fun writing. 

I appreciate it! His fangs get in the way of recieved pronunciation. He's a delight to roleplay. One of the PCs, a vain and incompetent braggadocio, gave him a signed copy of a book of their exploits. He was very complimentary on their second meeting; gave the book to his tadpoles and they all said it tasted great.

22 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good job!

He's a convincing salesman!

We try, and he IS a professional! The PCs are currently considering him as a means of body disposal after defeating some corporate mercenaries. Something about a two-meter smile makes people make assumptions. 

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