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03857, Townsfolk: Milkmaid.


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Thanks, everyone! The sculpt is doing a lot of the heavy lifting; she's a beautiful design. 
I've been basing all my 'All Of Them VVitches' adventures on Mother Goose rhymes. For Free Rpg Day I did one based on "There Was a Crooked Man..." and let me tell you figuring out the four-dimensional geometry of a symmetrical hypertetrahedron wasn't easy! (But if you have a bunch of D4's and stick them together such that each vertex joins a 1, 2, 3, and 4 together, it is an instructive model.)

The milk jugs, as you may have guessed, are yet another style of ruined headphone earpieces. 

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3 hours ago, Iridil said:

I love this sculpt and your painting of her is lovely - nice colors, freehand, and her lovely rosy skin!

Thank you! I understand it's a good job for the complexion, and wanted a pleasant contrast from my usual warped and crusty grotesques in this setting.

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