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Can someone help me on this: (turning a jpeg to a "mini")


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Hey guys & gals,


I found this jpeg online & it's probably the closest I'm gonna get for a sahuagin hatchling swarm. Problem is I have no clue on how to turn it into a 2 inch circle (ie print out the pic & glue it on top of a Reaper 2 inch rpg base. Can I ask someone here to do that for me or at least give me some pointers on how to do it myself?


Here's the pic/art:




(I don't even care if the R20 logo is in the background.)


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On 11/9/2021 at 1:20 PM, haldir said:


I can try. Photo manipulation has never been a strong point for me.

You can probably do it rather easily with paint.net


Adjust the size for it.


You might be able to remove the watermark as well for it and overlay it on another texture

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4 hours ago, Zloyduh said:

Is this what you wanted? 

These should be 2 inch circles.  Just print as is without any resizing.  Or take it to some FedEx store or something and make them print without resizing.

hatchling swarm.jpg


Thank very much! As much as I tried I just couldn't size the circle for printing.


I appreciate the effort.  My players will appreciate it as well.

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Hey!  I had this browser tab opened and happened to click on it and look over what I did last night. 
In short:  If what I did last night doesn't work, give this one a try.

In "long":  I set the image to be Letter US size, which is the standard size of the paper in the US.  Depending on the printer and settings, it might need margins.  So, that won't fit.  You might end up with smaller circles or the printer would try and use extra paper (which is fine, but anyhow :)))  Just if that didn't work somehow, give this one a try.


Let me know if it worked!  I can resize, adjust - doesn't matter! 🙂

hatchling swarm2.jpg

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