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SPACEFUTURE conversions: Insectoids, Bathalians, Crawlers, Quori, Etc.

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Been doing some butchery, some Frankensteining lately. Particularly for my sci-fi setting. And has it produced results!

First, the ingredients.
A while ago, I ordered a Reaper Burrowing Behemoth (44058) and it was a fantastic sculpt. But I got two left feet, to match my own. Customer service quickly replaced it, because Reaper is THE BEST--but now I had some leftover insectile CLAWS!

Then, Nolzur's came out with an Ankheg. Segmented, metameric abdomen, mantid-like foreclaws, two pairs of limbs, shield-like, many-eyed spiky head.


And also with a set of hideous ...Quori? Never heard of, maybe a Pathfinder thing  apparently an Eberron aberration. One of them is a grotesque tailed many-limbed squirmer with big ol' pincers. 

And with an Alhoon with many spell-effect tentacles.

Now, I have a few factions of spacemonsters. One is insectile, and I gave a Burrowing Horror a third set of ankheg limbs to bring us to six total...






...while giving the burly Horror claws to an Umber Hulk:











Now everyone has six limbs and I can rest easy! 

Another faction is the horrid Crawlers. These I have posted before, and are mostly Bathalians. Shield-like heads, mouth tentacles, squirmy bodies, appendages made to mutilate and maul. 

 The Tsucora Quori are warty and rugose and squirmy and pincered, but lack the characteristic head and tentacles.





But a Chronoscope Hound of Tindalos (50289) has just the right kind of head on a lean and easily repurposed body! A little green stuff to fill in the Quori's unmistakable eyes and nostrils, and a little work with some wire cutters, and behold!







Oh yeah, that's a Bathalian! 

I also snipped some tentacles from the Nolzur's Alhoon to give our Craboid Black Cat Alien (see link to Crawlers, above) the mouth-tendrils it deserves.



Wait, but what of the mutilated Ankheg? 
Oh, it fits in with the Crawlers just fine now. 





Happy crafting, folks!

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Sorry about the late response!

This is for a retrofuturistic Call of Cthulhu RPG hack I cobbled together. It's pulpy, it's tropey, it's SPACEFUTURE!

You have heard of far futures in whose grim darkness there is only war. This isn't that future. The power of the atom is bringing mankind to the stars. We are not alone, but diplomacy is a valid option. What problems can't be solved with communication between sentient peoples of goodwill? Of course, there's always trouble. Space pirates in the asteroid belts. Advance scouts of brutal alien empires. Moon Communists. And of course new and exciting species of spacemonsters. Temporal incursions from the future, precursor hypertech relics from the past. Okay, it's a powder keg. But it hasn't quite gone off yet. That's where you and the other players come in!

I started a thread to back up and consolidate lore over in General Sci-Fi. 

***Though, of course, these nasties could be used for anything that needs a Xenomorph Enemy. Bug Hunt and such. 

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