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Caesar Miniatures 1/72 Sorceress and Bodyguards

Rob Dean

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I had to stop and reconstruct where/how I ran across them, so I called my son to check his recollections.  The short version is that we were working on a Bronze Age Egyptian/Hittite project using Caesar figures when Caesar released the fantasy figures, so we were on the mailing list for new release announcements from the 1/72 dealers and so forth.  According to his recollection, he had started on a dinosaur-rider army (for Hordes of the Things, so dozens of figures at most) about then, so the availability of those figures (Elves, generic human adventurers, orcs, goblins, and undead) pushed us over the edge into building some fatnasy armies. I built out from some Airfix Robin Hood and Sheriff of Nottingham figures I’d out together for a kids’ game:




It looks, in general, like we were stuck into this in 2011, and it’s been constantly in the background since then.





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47 minutes ago, jdizzy001 said:

Not gonna lie, if i were to start again, I would consider 1/72 scale. I’m just in too deep to start again. They look great!


Well, far be it from me to urge you into something that you will regret later, :poke:, but I have this as a side project, playing on the small size to do something more compact that my main fatnasy project.  So even if you are bought into Bones (let’s say), you might find there is a niche.  In mine, whether using the individuals or the Hordes of the Things bases, it goes on the 3x3 ground cloth.









But that’s wandering a bit from the original topic… 😁




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