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Darcstaar vs. Bones I, Ep. 18: Aina


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Time for the next in line for Bones I.

Aina, Female Valkyrie.  I will paint the metal version concurrently.  I already pinned the weapon hand on the metal version, and pinned the arm for the shield.  I’ll apply the shield later.  The Bones version still has a ton of detail, so I suspect these will take a while.  Planning Red/Gold for metal version (her shield is a little Romanesque), and Blue/White for the Bones version.



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Freehand on the shield in Linen White.


This is an image on Pinterest I used as inspiration.

I changed the runes to read “AINA” instead of FENRIR.

Not sure if it looks like a wolf, dog, or horse, but it will have to do.  The example looks a little worn, so I may leave the unevenly covered areas as is.  I will try to put some similar work on the hem of her garment.

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Worked on the white trim of her blue dress.  Cloudy Grey, Misty Grey, Dragon White.  I wanted the panels on her chest as a focal point, so it’s very bright.  I edged the upper parts of the gemstones  at this point.  And you can see the small knot work trefoil design on the front corners of her skirt.

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