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Oh captain, my captain (Angelica Fairweather Bust, RCon VIP 'mini')


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I'm finally getting around to painting this fine captain. I've had some decent ideas since I first pulled her from my swag bag.  I made a beeline for Jacob's booth the first day to pick out the perfect plinth, and then upon getting home from Reapercon I went in to my habitual hobby coma.  I'm starting to come back out of it now and getting the itch to do something more than quick paintjobs.

>> NOTE:  I am very open to direct constructive criticism here, I want to paint this to the best of my ability, so if you see something I'm overlooking here I'm not going to get upset about advice.


First up, remove the integral plinth


While I'm at it, let's remove some troublesome sprue stubs





There's also a few air bubbles I'll need to fill




I also tapped a hole to be able to affix her to the plinth once it's done




And now... looking at her mounted on the plinth that I was actually going to pull colors from, I realize that the plinth is too big.... 😥  


so... yeah, need to find a new plinth and maybe find something else awesome for this plinth, but the prep work continues.

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Greenstuff done. The two spots on the cap were easy, the right shoulder less so as the buttons are so recessed, but I think I got them pretty smooth.  I'm seeing a rough spot on the collars where I removed mold lines, I'm hoping a little gloss varnish will smooth out.  The left shoulder is giving me trouble, the bit of the piping on the epaulet right up near the collar has a gap in it and I'm having trouble getting greenstuff to stick in the space.  May need to drill a little hole into the space to give the gs something to anchor to.  Still a fair bit of dust on the model in these pictures so after I can get the gap resolved and let it get a good cure in I'll give her a good thorough wash before priming and see how everything looks when it's all one color.


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