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All Of Them VVitches: A Grave Mistake, feat. Headless Footman, Grave Minions, and Bones Punkin-Headed Bugbear


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Thank you all! 

7 hours ago, Inarah said:

That was lots of fun. 

3 hours ago, Iridil said:

Great story - great scene setting - and the OSL is spot on! Inspiring!

Thanks! I had fun writing it--knew that the minions and the Footman had to have some relationship, and the Bugbear is perfect for some very specific agrarian guardian. 


This is easily the happiest I've been with OSL. Tried to put a touch of "offstage source lighting"  on the minions  without lanterns, too.



10 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Great idea and scene.  The lantern OSL is very well done, to the point it has me questioning if you put an LED in it.

You are right to suspect some jiggery-pokery! I'm not skilled enough yet to implant LEDs in minis, but I did have an orange Halloween LED 'candle' that I used as a spotlight for extra effect until the Bogey-bear shows up. It didn't make the photoshoot any easier but I think the results are worth it. 


Glad y'all like it!

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    • By Rigel
      "This is the maiden all forlorn
      That milked the cow with the crumpled horn
      That tossed the dog
      that worried the cat
      that chased the rat
      that ate the malt
      that lay in the house that Jack built."

      A nice crisp sculpt by Bobby Jackson! This lovely young lady served as an NPC in an All Of Them VVitches game I finished recently.
      The game was based on the nursery rhyme "The House that Jack Built" coupled with an ergotism infection plot. Our PCs were called to investigate into incidents of violence and madness in the town of Millsbach, home of Jock Jocksson's brewery and famous Red Rye Ale. There are rumors of witchcraft, or Devil curses, or the displeasure of the Good Folk. The PCs need to solve this without giving traction to any of these rumors.

      Beccah Burns here is a fine milkmaid, but the cow up and gored her in the arm last week after getting out of the fence and into the millet and rye fields nearby. She is at the age where everything bad is a catastrophic disaster. Drinking ergotized milk is doing nothing for her emotional state.

      She is also deeply infatuated with Angus, a local farmer (and he with her) whose chickens have been eating leftover infected grain from the brewery, causing the chickens to savage him whenever possible.
      (This is the man all tattered and torn in the rhyme.)

      Fortunately, after several violently hallucinatory episodes, our PCs managed to figure out what was going on and destroy the stocks of tainted rye as well as several giant rat-men who may or may not have actually existed. Angus wound up a bit of a local hero after blowing up a grain mill, and the PCs got invitations to the young lovers' wedding! Fun times. 
      More pix, you know the drill.
    • By Rigel
      The ritual has done its work. From a distance, an eerie light shines through the trees.
      The ground quakes under the tread of colossal hooves.
      There is a rushing wind, the sound of snapping branches.
      An indescribable tune, notes in a strange scale and meter, music from beyond the stars, builds to a skirling crescendo.

      HE is come. The PIPER IN THE WOODS is here. 

      Burning with potassium flame, attended by HIS servants. 



      Behold! The Horned Lord approaches! 

      Deception and concealment among HIS sacraments! The Masked Messenger, the False-Faced! 


      IA! IA! 



      The power of a God, called to earth! HIS votaries rejoice, even as they cower!





      (This is a Nolzur's Nightwalker, given a little bit mote pizazz than the all-black example. I knew immediately that with the bone-mask face and the horns, it was the perfect avatar for the cultists. GW contrasts and good setting sunlight on the translucent flames; a GW demon skull from their Skullz set manifested in the upraised hand.) 
      Featuring Dulkathar, Gromtar, Dark Creeper, a couple of Crooked Dice cultists, and Dark Young from RAFM and Reaper. (Reaper's 77516 is the big one in green).
    • By Rigel
      I've been working on a Call of Cthulhu variant set in the mid-1600s, All Of Them VVitches. This provides lots of opportunity for cults and cultists! We've seen some of them hitherto. Here are a couple more votaries of the PIPER IN THE WOODS--Reaper's Dark Creeper (02886) with a Gw Skullz mask added, and 02165, Gromtar the Foul. 
      Here's Gromtar. I get a very 'Lovecraft ghoul/ Clark Ashton Smith Mordiggan cultist' vibe off the sculpt.


      Our Dark Creeper: 


      More angles:
      They've come out to meet with their colleagues, similarly robed and with horned masks. 



      But what is this they have called down? Behold! the PIPER IN THE WOODS approaches!



      Quis est iste qui venit?!
    • By R2ED
      OSL effect.  Trying to make it look like he's lit from the campfire. 

    • By R2ED
      Here we go! It's time to finally give me time to this OSL thing.  I saw this model and thought it'd be perfect to do as if this bugbear snuck up on a group of adventurers over their campfire.  
      I'll try to base this guy with a camp fire below him.  
      How's he look? 

      Here's him from the under-side:



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