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Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings 3D printable terrain and miniatures Kickstarter.


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conceptualized by film industry concept artist Johnny Fraser-Allen, The Rise of the halflings is Printable Scenery's first delve into a brand new fantasy world. After the Great Wyrm devastated the Halfling town of Wollockshire, forcing its residents to hide in the warrens below their homes, the mysterious Great Warlock appeared and tamed the beast using its true name. Becoming the Halfling’s savior, he utilized the knowledge of the Wyrm to shape a new society, crafting Archanical devices fueled by the Wyrm’s own bile to industrialize their world. However, some of the halflings find the Warlocks victory too good to be believed, and have taken to what is left of the forests to lead a resistance to his rule.



Johnny has created some amazing and characterful artwork for the world, as well as deep backstories for every building and miniature in the world. Printable Scenery is taking this rich lore and turning them into awesome 3D printable models. With a mixture of incredibly detailed terrain and, for the first time in a Printable Scenery Kickstarter, Awesome looking miniatures, we hope to bring the world of the Reign of Arcane to life!


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Mrs. GG and I do not normally support STL campaigns as we do not have a 3d printer… yet. However we did back Printable Scenery‘s Hagglethorn Hollow as we love the design aesthetics of Johnny Fraser-Allan. So it looks like we will be backing Rise of the Halflings as well. 

Mrs. GG loves the Halfling forest architecture and I love the Wizardry Steampunk City architecture.

We really need to get into 3d printing one day.

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You should! Its actually insane how cheap 3D printers are these days. The Creality Ender 3, a very popular FDM printer, is well sized for making terrain and is only around $150 US these days.


We can't wait for future releases too as Johnny has so many other settlements and factions in mind for the extended world of the Reign of Arcane.

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