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Grey is so blah. Another space marine


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Since i didn't have my paints with me while on break, i was hungry to get back to it.  I guess i wasn't as full of turkey and stuffing as i thought. 




As I'm posting this, i saw on his left leg that he's got an unpainted seal.  Dang it! 


I made the bands on the blade smaller. 

Added more metal details. 

Added more accent color. 

Tested two new paint color (silver grey, red. And German Grey). Each did great. 


His backpack gave me some trouble.  I was gluing it on, but the post didn't push in and then it broke off.  Ended up doing some surgery back the but it's on. IMG_20211129_222501_469.thumb.jpg.4370c7f182efc53eff43d83c7d1a6c5d.jpgIMG_20211129_222501_509.thumb.jpg.03f247885fa769262bcdab7da3314a47.jpgIMG_20211129_222501_548.thumb.jpg.f6344c4cbc81092c6f40b53a9fc7aef8.jpg



















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