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Juegorama's "Adventurers & Monsters plastic miniatures Edition"


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Our last update:

Getting ready to relaunch!

Dear backers,

We wanted to share with you that we are working hard in the future relaunch of our miniatures campaign, and we already have the link to the pre-launch page, if you click on it, Kickstarter will inform you once we launch the campaign:


We expect to have everything ready for the relaunch in the next weeks, although we will inform you of the exact date before that.

We also wanted to thank you for your feedback and for participating in our last survey.

From a total of 239 votes.

60% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 28mm scale.

20% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 32mm scale.

And 20% of our backers said that they would be fine with either option.

This means that there is a huge majority of our backers who prefer a 28mm scale, so we can announce that we will relaunch the campaign with 28mm figures.

We are currently working in several surprises for the campaign, and we’ll soon tell you more about them!

Thank you for your support, more news coming soon.



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Top Posters In This Topic

We want to inform you that we are preparing the relaunch for January 2022 and, although we don’t have a set date yet, we will let you know as soon as we have the exact date.

Campaign updates:

- All the miniatures will be in a 28mm scale.
- The 11 wizards of different races add-on is currently being modeled, you will have the chance to see the models since day 1 of the campaign. Here is the female Elf wizard:

-We will launch the campaign with a significant reduction of the campaign goal, and for that reason we had to do some adjustments to the campaign, for example, we will not include the plastic tray from the start. The plastic injection of most models will be done in a single piece, but some miniatures may require assembly, such as miniatures with wings, tentacles, larger figures like the tarrax, or those with poses that are too complex to manufacture in just one piece. Nonetheless, the assembly process will be very simple using some glue.  This said, we want to point out that most of the figures will come in a single piece and will not require assembly, although some of them may have slightly modified poses.

-This campaign will be Kickstarter exclusive to give even more value to your pledges.

-This campaign has the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE seal: Money-back guarantee: If you receive our "The Adventurers & Monsters Pledge" and it doesn´t meet your expectations, you can send it back to us and we'll refund the value of your pledge (minus Kickstarter fees). Limited to 30-days after receptions.

-Also, we are going to include our Dragon from our previous campaign.


Thank you for your support, more news coming soon.

Pre-launch page


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