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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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On 9/16/2021 at 8:02 PM, ub3r_n3rd said:

Busy week for me at work. Today reinstalling win10 on 2 laptops, then getting them updated and on our domain. This afternoon updates on another laptop someone is bringing in and installing Adobe. After that troubleshooting microphone issues in our board room. 🤪


oh yeah, I’m in our IT area now. Have been for a year, guess I was absent from the forum longer than I thought lol


That sounds like a regular Tuesday to me... 

Except that I don't install Adobe. 'User programs can be ordered and installed directly from the 'program portal' on the intranet site. If the program you want isn't there, contact the Helldesk'... I'm not part of the Helldesk... 

PC Installs is just log onto an intranet site, type in the computer name, select a profile and verify the MAC address. Then just restart it and select PXE boot. Less than an hour later, it's ready to log on. A couple of restarts later, and everything is updated.    

(We currently have 5500 users. We can't do everything manually) 


On monday I'll be visiting 2 locations and swapping out 4 PCs, if I'm lucky... 

One of the desktop machines will be running a payment system(card only), and the central server needs to be updated with the new PC name, and the only user who can do that is busy with meeting almost the entire day.  (There's a half hour gap between 11:30, when she finishes lunch, and 12:00 when her next meeting starts.)

Then it's a visit to the dentist, to be told that my brushing could be better.

And on the way home I'll stop by my sister and fix her garage door... again...    



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Your Saturday selections of what happened for September 18th:

  • 1066 – Norwegian king Harald Hardrada landed with Tostig Godwinson at the mouth of the Humber River and began his ill-fated invasion of England, though it would have important ramifications weeks later when the Norman invasion began.

  • 1618 – The twelfth baktun (a period of 144,000 days) in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar began.

  • 1870 – Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park was observed and named by Henry D. Washburn.

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22 hours ago, kristof65 said:

That's a very good article, IMO.


As a mod, I keep an eye on all of the Reaper social media platforms, but I mainly concentrate my activities here. Having observed and used Discord for a while now, I agree with the part of the article that says Discord is kinda like a chat room. Very good description, IMO.


I can search the forums for a particular subject/topic and get results from years ago. You just can't do that on Discord.

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*sigh* Chickens...


So, I noticed signs of a fight when I went to lock the chickens up last night. Heck*, thinks I. I have possibly lost a chicken to something. Muttering to myself, because it's usually a hen, I locked up the coop and blundered back indoors.

This morning, I blunder out, muttering to myself, and notice that two of my hens are out, suggesting they were not in the coop, when I locked it down last night. Bugger, thinks I, if they're out, and no one else is ... but, one has to be sure, so I go forth and open the coop. Out pops Spangles the Rooster, and one hen. I hear another hen, grumbling in the coop - not unusual, one of the other Marans has gone broody on me - but no sign of the other rooster. Where is Fluffy?

Signs of a fight outside the coop are not helpful; those are white feathers. Fluffy, magnificent as he is, is not a white rooster; he is - or was - a Golden Polish (kind of bronze-gold feathers, with black edges, very flashy) So, I poke around, looking for the usual signs. Probably not feathers, because it was windy last night, but.. it was also raining, so who knows. I find enough to tell me I'm down to one rooster. Outstanding. *cue muttering*

Then, as I am heading back to the gate, I hear... peeping. PEEPING?! I listen. Indeed. Peeping. As of baby chickens.

This indicates that, in fact, the dratted broody hen has been hiding eggs, and has successfully hatched at least one. I sally forth to investigate (and hope to hell I can get the damn human door to the coop closed again, because the blessed thing has been doing its best to warp), and lo, there is a baby chick. The broody hen has managed to conceal a nest somewhere I can't easily get to, and has at least one, probably more babies. 




On the one, this is good; I like li'l poofers. On the other, it's rolling into Fall, which isn't the best time to have li'l poofers. And we still have no running water, because ... well. The Saga of the Well remains ongoing. *sigh* Right. And I still don't know what the heck is plaguing my coop. That, however, I can amend; I will grab a bunch of trail cams and point one of them at the chicken access hatch. If I get one of the ones with night vision capabilities, I should learn some things. I might even learn who is hoo-hooing across the road; I'm pretty sure the owl (barred owl, and I hope he makes it; I'd like him back.) I ended up handing off to the wildlife experts isn't the only one in the area. 

I did get the human access door shut.


As for the Saga of the Well, it remains ongoing. Funding has been secured, however, and the Plotting should begin ... Soon. Next week, hopefully. Still need to clear brush, and get some quotes, and an actual plan, but... progress is good. Unfortunately, we Learned Some Things while digging around, and we're not exactly happy about any of them. One of those things is that the original well was never properly permitted. At all. As you might guess, the residents of Thornehaus are... less than amused. 

Advice leading from this lesson; if you buy a place on a well, A: have an expert (of your choice!) check the well before you sign papers, and B: have your county pull /all/ the paperwork that has anything to do with the selected property, including anything they have to dig out of the paper files. We did neither of these things (although we did have the place inspected, we did not have the well specifically inspected, and we did not ask the hapless clerk to pull deadtree files), and we're finding cause to regret it. 

Eh. Things They Don't Tell You ...


*not actually the word I used at the time.

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I got my fourth Rosie but she has nothing in her hand. Yet. I'm still debating but I might just leave it empty... Wait. I think I might have a sword that might fit. :ph34r:

I need to clean tonight but once that's done, I'm going to start Picard. It's my reward for being a responsible adult.

And it rained out here for the first time in months. I am enjoying every minute of it.


I really hope to get back to painting next week, as I've been too distracted and stressed out lately. With NaNoWriMo coming, I want to wrap up my Ghost Archipelago minis before that starts. All of my free time is going to be consumed by that. :devil:

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Ugh.  Life just seems to get more interesting.  On the plus side last night I got to sleep longer and deeper than I have in months.  I woke actually rested and it felt weird.  Took advantage of it to clean the kitchen floor.

Spent the day just reading and relaxing (how the Heck have I missed the tales of Bazil Broketail?) and finished the day off by spending the evening over at a friend's house playing board games. Which is where life gets Interesting.  I discover on the way home that either I am suddenly allergic to cats, I have the worst timing for sinus issues out of nowhere or 3 of my teeth suddenly developed very painful issues.


Took 2 Sudafed and 2 of the 3 teeth stopped being a problem.  The third is why I'm still awake (okay that and I wanted to finish off a Penric novel...  not my fault they are finally letting me travel again and traveling leads to reading...is it?)   Bother.  INSAIDS are the most effective for this but between. Empty stomach and kidney issues I'm not supposed to take them.  Oh well.  To bed and hope for the best


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Gonna be a fun night at work tonight!  Load just showed up & it's a big one (why?) & the 3rd "guy" (I use that term lovely as I can't post what I want to call him) texted the manager about an hour before his shift to say he was sick...yah right.



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The Sunday stroll through history for September 19th:

  • 1356 – Battle of Poitiers: An English army under the command of Edward, the Black Prince, defeated a French army and captured King John II of France.

  • 1852 – Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis discovered the asteroid Massalia from the north dome of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte.

  • 1991 – Ötzi the Iceman, the natural mummy of a man who lived between 3400 and 3100 BC, was discovered in the Alps on the border between Italy and Austria.

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So, Hubby is really sick from his 2nd shot. I heard him throwing up last night and when I asked him if he was still nauseous just now he muttered something about boars, umbrella (the fictional company), and dwarves.


My father died last night, which hit me like a truck, I thought I was ready for it, because he’s been gone in the dementia for a while, but I wasn’t. Now I’m just tired and my head hurts from all the crying.

Life goes ever onward.

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