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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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1 hour ago, ManvsMini said:


Apparently, after putting my name into a generator, my pirate name/moniker comes out to Stutterin' Mitch Teach. If I use my middle names, I become Epileptic Broderick Hawkins. Intuition tells me I wasn't meant to be a feared pirate.


46 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Avast ye swabs! Make way fer Cap'n Ross Fancypants!


Shark-fin Suzie reporting for duty!

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On 9/18/2021 at 9:37 AM, Chaoswolf said:

That's a very good article, IMO.


As a mod, I keep an eye on all of the Reaper social media platforms, but I mainly concentrate my activities here. Having observed and used Discord for a while now, I agree with the part of the article that says Discord is kinda like a chat room. Very good description, IMO.


I can search the forums for a particular subject/topic and get results from years ago. You just can't do that on Discord.

A quote from the article:


Forums and Discord are apples and oranges.


I agree with that. Sort of. But not entirely.

I think it would be more apt to say Forums and Discord are apples and rutabegas.



These ^ Gnarly looking things are Rutabagas.




Whereas Apples:


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@redambrosia my sympathies.

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things to go through.


It's been 14 yrs ago since my mother passed away and 11 yrs ago my dad passed away, I'm over it...but I still think of them.

Only yesterday I saw a squirrel in our garden eating hazelnuts I had put out there and I said to my girl that my dad would have love to see that.

The hurting will stop, the memories will stay and still after years you will have moments that you miss them.

I wish you strength.

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Mondays, bleh... but here's your Monday morning trivia offering for September 20th:

  • 1378 – Cardinal Robert of Geneva was elected as Pope Clement VII, in opposition to the previously elected Pope Urban VI, beginning the Papal Schism.

  • 1860 – The future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom began the first visit to North America by a Prince of Wales.

  • 1973 – Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match at the Houston Astrodome.

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This morning I walked into the outer cellar and noticed that the door of a cabinet was slightly open.

Oddly enough it was kinda stuck and I needed to apply some force to open the door.


Well...if you store a can of polyurethane foam, make sure nothing presses against the button when you close the door of the cabinet...:ph34r:

There was a large chunk of foam there..

Luckily it was easy to remove but it was kinda funny to find it like this.






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My favourite turnip stories. My mom told me she always hated turnips. As a kid she had to finish eating her supper if she wanted to have ice cream for dessert. She threw a fit and refused to eat her turnips. So grandpa gave her the ice cream. On top of her turnips and made her sit there and eat all of it. 


A few years ago a distant relative of mine decided to grow a garden. He's about 35 years old and had never experienced the joy of turnips. So he planted a lot of them and they grew well. After eating a couple he realised they weren't to his taste. So he tries to give them away to anybody without much success and eventually offers them to me. The wife wasn't very excited about it but her mom was. So we get a free box of 20-30 pounds of turnips. We try a couple of recipes but only my mil was happy about them. We knew one lady here that is a vegetarian and also from eastern Europe and she wanted some of them. When she came to take half of them away my mil (who's normally one of the sweetest old ladies) got on the fight and didn't want to give them up. The wife got her mom calmed down and got rid of a lot of turnips. Mil grumbled about losing all her turnips for weeks afterward even though she still had months of turnips left. I still laugh when I think about it and say, "That's what happens when your early childhood was in wartime USSR. You'll fight hard even for a turnip." Seriously she was lucky that she was in the far east and not the war zone.

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2 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

1378 – Cardinal Robert of Geneva was elected as Pope Clement VII, in opposition to the previously elected Pope Urban VI, beginning the Papal Schism.

The papal schism era is funny if you think about these guys as toddlers fight over who gets to wear the big hat. Until you remember that thousands of people died in the wars over that stupid hat.

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Despite running on 4 hours sleep, I decided to get up in time to get pictures of the beautiful dawn light. :rolleyes:












Still shuffling, but I managed to do it without my sticks this time. Pity that I was exhausted afterwards but it's all about building myself back up right now. Had tea, toast and cake and am now recovering on the sofa underneath two of the cats. All in all, not the worst way to spend a Monday. 


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Well, it looks like my mom's trip to the hospital and all that was a good thing. While she was there, they did a CT scan. And found a 2.5cm node on her hypothalamus. We don't know yet if it's bad or really bad. Either way, it should be treatable. Hopefully. This is why I stayed in a holding pattern. Because this? This is my life. :zombie:

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@redambrosia Sympathies for your loss. I'm not sure what I'd do if my mom were to pass away right now. Just remember the memories & he'll forever be with you.


So Sunday morning at work - When you go to work at 11 pm & when you get home & the early morning NFL  games are on, yah you've been there for some time.....12 hr day!! Punched off at 11:02 am that morning, all because the load was huge (8 giant pallets), it was late (normal anymore) at 240 am & it was just me & my co-worker (again). When the manager came in that morning, I asked him "So what is Alec got this time, ebola?" (I mean he has made up excuses before) He said "He texted me & said "He felt like hell..." (WTFluff??) I just rolled my eyes. He said he'd talk to him today, which mostly means, he'll text him & ask if he is ok & Alec will respond "Yah, I wasn't feeling well" & he'll respond "Oh, ok, hopefully you can make it on Weds morning. My manager has no "manhood" to actually do things to people like this. Sad part of this while I was at RCon this year, co-worker said some guy came in asking if there were any freight spots open, manager's response "Oh, I don't have any openings right now..." :blink:


"The guy" (yes it's him) is under his 90 days, thou that is closing quickly. but they don't need any reason to say he isn't working out or at least to move him to different department. Hell, bakery lost their overnight person (she walked up to us last week, asked if we would be there after 5 am & said "she is tired of this "sheep"" & walked off.


It's gonna be anther fun holiday season again I fear. I hate the holidays (& lazy people too).

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