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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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10 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Yeah, I'd place that at 8.9 on my Weird-Crap-O-Meter. (It goes up to 11.)


The Auld Grump - one point lower than the kid in Boy Scouts that had to be rushed to the hospital to have a hot dog surgically removed from his arm. Different Troop - but it turned out that a hot dog, fired from a smooth bore musket, does not go *SPLAT!* in an amusing fashion when it hits someone - it penetrated.


The Auld Grump

wow, not every day you get to take away a whole troops  firearms badges in one go. I hope at least one kid there had his first aid badge. 

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3 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Yup, new job is kicking me good (but I'm catching up faster) and it is leaving me tired, especially on 11 hour days like yesterday (plus another 2.5 hours in the bus total)...  But that first cheque was definitely worth it, especially with it coming out a lot larger than expected... 


Yah cash is always a good thing. Picked up 8 hrs of OT this week, considering we aren't suppose to get it, yah.


Thr guy didn't show up at 3 again, sent a text to my boss & said he overslept....sigh. he came in at 5. Funny he threw frieght allot faster tonight, I wonder why...

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RTB Pro-Tips! SKU# 44020 Crimson Herald! 9-24-21.  Started at 11:30 AM.




ETA: Anne shared today that she and David are now engaged.  She apparently had the ring on during streams last week, but oddly nobody mentioned it in the chat.  Also, she's going on vacation in Hawaii, and this was her last day to stream before she goes.  She said her next show will be on Monday, October 4.  No one knew for sure what Reaper would be showing in her time slot next week.

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Today I am sad. 

My brother-in-law died at his home this morning.   After battling cancer for the last year, he had run out of treatment options.  

I have known him since 1987, when he and my sister were both in the High schools D&D club. 


He did not introduce me to gaming or painting minis, but It was like having a big brother who liked things I liked. 

The reason it was so hard to give up Thanksgiving/Christmas with family for the pandemic was we knew that he would not be likely to see them again. 

Our families are scattered across many states and no one felt a visit was safe. 


Instead I flew up to see him this summer.  and lucked into a good week between Chemo Treatments.  so going for a hike and playing board games are my last memories of him. and they are good ones.     My sister paints rocks instead of minis now, but I got to hear about my sister and nieces' separate D&D games.  

My sister can continue take care of the farm, but without his professional income it will be harder for them.  I'm in a position to help but its hard to figure out how. 


anyway thanks for listening. 

writing it out helped a lot, and mostly I have stopped crying. 

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An excerpt from my day, told as an old-school private investigator for dramatic effect:


Case File #9242021 - A Badly Needed Case of Claritin


It was a cold, yet sunny, day when I got a call at my business office (i.e. I was on the toilet). I was being pulled off my latest case because a bottle of regular Claritin (the kind without the decongestant) had gone missing from the medicine cabinet, and could I find it, they wondered? Well, that's what I do; says so in the phonebook.


Stolen? Burglary? Only a heartless miscreant would dare mess with someone's allergy medicine. So I went for a look at the scene. A brief search gave me all the clues I needed. The perpetrator had attempted to hide the bottle of Claritin in an empty box of Claritin-D. Sneaky, hiding the goods in the one place the client would never have looked due to being unable to take decongestants. Unfortunately, they didn't count on me taking the job. Case closed.


Yet I couldn't help but wonder: who had hid the antihistamines? And what else might they be planning?

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