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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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4 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

An excerpt from my day, told as an old-school private investigator for dramatic effect:


Case File #9242021 - A Badly Needed Case of Claritin


It was a cold, yet sunny, day when I got a call at my business office (i.e. I was on the toilet). I was being pulled off my latest case because a bottle of regular Claritin (the kind without the decongestant) had gone missing from the medicine cabinet, and could I find it, they wondered? Well, that's what I do; says so in the phonebook.


Stolen? Burglary? Only a heartless miscreant would dare mess with someone's allergy medicine. So I went for a look at the scene. A brief search gave me all the clues I needed. The perpetrator had attempted to hide the bottle of Claritin in an empty box of Claritin-D. Sneaky, hiding the goods in the one place the client would never have looked due to being unable to take decongestants. Unfortunately, they didn't count on me taking the job. Case closed.


Yet I couldn't help but wonder: who had hid the antihistamines? And what else might they be planning?

Which brings up the question of what happened to the Claratin-D that was supposed to be in the box.


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So my wife and  I just got home from dinner. We went to a fantastic German restaurant for a late birthday celebration for me.

If you live in Fort Worth, or ever happen to be visiting, stop by Little Germany on Camp Bowie boulevard; the food is excellent. Go hungry, or make sure you've got some room in the 'fridge, because the portions are huge.

I had a combination platter with Jager Schnitzel, Vienna Schnitzel, Munchen style sausage, red cabbage, sauerkraut, pan fried potatoes, and spatzel. My wife got a dinner sized order of Vienna Schnitzel which was almost as big as the plate it was on. We also got some apple strudel for desert.


Coincidentally, we'll be having German food for dinner again tomorrow.::)::winkthumbs:

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@Evilhalfling So sorry to hear about your loss. As it's been said, hold on to the memories, they are priceless treasures.


Decided to cancel tomorrow's D&D game due to we only had 2 players (2 players are out of town this weekend) & I didn't feel like running the game (continuation of the adventure from last week anyways) + I've been putting off things around the house due to long hours of work & sleep when I get home afterwards.

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Well, darn. Found out today that I'd been at an exposure site four days ago. Suddenly it clicked - my arm had been sore for the last two days. The same arm and area where I'd had my vaccination. I'm hoping that was an indication that the vaccination was doing its job. But I've had a test and I'm quarantined until the results come back (at least).

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@Evilhalfling my sympathies!

Cherish the memories and take some time to mourn.



@ShadowRaven Take it easy, hope you'll be fine soon.


@sumbloke I hope you'll be alright!



Now for my battle with a leaking canopy, I'm losing the battle.

I have found two spots that seemed to be the cause.

The one on the corner is now sealed with rubber sealant and that one works, no more problems there.


But the one at the middle window is still a problem.

I removed all the old rubber/sealant and applied new rubber sealant, at first it looked good.

Then I tested it by pouring water over it, below where the wood is damaged I noticed a little water dripping through,

Not as much as it did before, but still not sealed well enough.


So I'm going to look if there's a spot I might have missed if I see anything there I don't trust I will apply more rubber sealant.

I was hoping to stop it completely and then repair the wood.

If I can't stop it from pouring in my next strategy will be sealing that wood, then seal that spot so well that it is sealed from the inside and then put new hard wood under it also sealed so it can't be affected by the damaged wood.


I feel tired and stressed about it.

We also don't really want to hire someone for this, I know this can become very expensive then.

All I want is to make sure the water doesn't come in, it will be on the steps to the cellar then, there is a drain pit with gravel there of course, but wet stairsteps aren't funny.

The stairs are concrete by the way.

If I can seal it well enough to keep the darn thing from collapsing for the next decades with this kind of repair I will be happy.

Else we might still need to look into a professional.


A friend told me I was worrying too much. He said that I poured two water canisters over it on that one spot and that that doesn't compare to normal rain.

He figures that if I seal it from the inside I will be able to keep the water out, then protect the new wood and place it as support.



This wen well.




This didn't ( middle upper window)




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I've discovered I can't touch chilli peppers anymore, I prepped one for a curry paste a couple of days ago and my fingertips are still sore.


I also broke my food processor making said curry paste, make sure you read up on potential product defects before you buy things guys!

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Ack, another bout of oversleeping... let's get to the trivia then for September 25th:

  • 275 – For the last time, the Roman Senate chose an emperor; they elected 75-year-old Marcus Claudius Tacitus, who reigned until the next year.

  • 1906 – Spaniard Leonardo Torres y Quevedo demonstrated the Telekino, guiding a boat from the shore, in what is considered to be the first use of a remote control.

  • 1974 – Dr. Frank Jobe performed the first ulnar collateral ligament replacement surgery (better known as Tommy John surgery) on baseball player Tommy John.

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