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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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[Sigh] One of my uncles just past away about two hours ago. :down: He was my mother's oldest sibling, and my oldest living relative at 87 years of age.


They found him unconscious in his apartment yesterday and was quickly hospitalized. He remained in a coma, with his breathing slowing down and wheezing. Both of his daughters (my older cousins) were present in his final moments.


Last I saw him was about three weeks ago, when I visited my mother and where we celebrated my 50th birthday. I hadn't seen him (or any other family member) in 18 months, and already he looked much older and frailer than last I saw him.


My uncle Camille, oldest of fourteen children (8 boys, 6 girls). Served in in the Royal Canadian Air Force in post-WW2 Europe. Being French-Canadian, he told us he never had to pay for his own drinks when he was stationed in France. When he came back, he worked in electronics, fixing radios, and then worked for the cable company until his retirement. He spoke French, English, and Spanish, and had a secondary house in Costa Rica (which he just sold in the past year). It's only two years ago that he moved into the retirement home where my mother and their other sister lives. The man was still sound of mind (though maybe pig headed, a family trait) and proudly driving his pickup. He was one of the uncles I had the best rapport with.


He will be missed.


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I was just looking up the name of the actress who played Ivanova on Babylon 5 (spotted her on an episode of 911) and found an article about the series:


'Babylon 5' reboot in development with original series creator J. Michael Straczynski at the helm


Not sure you can capture lightning in a bottle twice, but I guess Michael would like to try.

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Finished nailing down the next two months(ish) of the after school game.


I think I mentioned that the two classes had rather different endings at last season's climax - in one the Underfather survived,  but his adopted orcish son died in an assassination attempt against the Underfather - his son giving his life to save his father.


In the other, it was the Underfather that died.


In the first class, the Underfather is making targeted hits against his rivals, in particular, he has men searching for Queenpin - who is suspect number one. Dorska - a former lieutenant of the Underfather - is in hiding, her attempt at a coup failed spectacularly, and her goons made the mistake of targeting the cops as well as the Underfather's men. The Underfather's minions, on the other hand, carefully avoided injuring the cops. The Underfather is Evil, but it is a very Lawful Evil. Worse, his actions are for the stability of the city - acting against hime may destabilize the situation. His rage is very targeted - but his means are brutal - torture, arson, and murder.


The other group has it worse - Ahngish. the adopted son - is far more brutal, there is open gang warfare and blood in the streets. Until his rage is sated, he is Chaotic Evil, and is shaking the very foundations of both Sharlaeone and the Undercity. At this point he is not targeting the cops - but only because he believes them to be on his side. His adopted father understood balance, Ahngish (a play on Anguish) knows only pain, sorrow, and anger. Sooner or later, unless the PCs are very careful, Ahngish will take one of their actions personally. He is a mad dog.


And in both, the Queen of the Drow is stirring the pot - her goal, through Queenpin - is to tear down the social pillars of the City and Kingdom.


The City, and the dwarfs, have been giving succor to the drow that have fled her tyranny.


Drow are not normally evil - but the Queen, her servants, and her Goddess most definitely are. She takes the escape of those drow as a personal affront,


Her goddess is the spider goddess of lies, treachery, and intrigue.


The drow refugees worship the spider goddess of history, weaving, and law.


(The wood elves worship the spider goddess of storytelling, dreams, and moonlight. All the elf gods have three aspects. Sometimes Law/Chaos/Neutral, but others Good/Evil/Neutral. And the aspects are generally not enemies, even when opposed in alignment - all three of the aspects of the spider goddess, for example, are striving for the survival of elven society.)


The Auld Grump

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8 hours ago, Inarah said:

I have similar neighbors, except the cartridges are not blanks, and "morning" starts around 1am. 



Over here we call that "hash" and it is a fine meal for either breakfast or dinner. ( derived from French: hacher, meaning "to chop")  There are as many ways to make it as there are ingredients. 🙂



I made it from scratch, funny to see it actually exists.

Did taste good and I will make it again.


@Cranky Dog my sympathies. 


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14 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Going through some old papers, I came across a contract from 2003 where one of my coworkers sold me her soul in exchange for covering her Friday shift. 


That's a tad cheap for a Friday shift, I'd be expecting the soul and their firstborn at that point.

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Tuesday Timeline Trivia for September 28th:

  • 1542 – Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo of Portugal arrived at what is now San Diego, California. He was the first European in California.

  • 1867 – Toronto became the capital of Ontario, having also been the capital of Ontario's predecessors since 1796.

  • 1928 – Scottish physician and microbiologist Alexander Fleming noticed a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory, discovering what later became known as penicillin.

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The kid's enforced quarantine is up end of day Sunday and he can go back to school Monday.  Speed the day.


We allegedly close on our house on Friday, and hopefully the sellers will not need the whole 30-day rent-back.  While moving on Halloween would be awesome for the stories in later years ... we need to move.

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