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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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3 hours ago, TGP said:
23 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


Not, overall, a bad idea.

I did manage to scare up a collection of prompt lists, in addition to the Official prompt list. I've got five, six if you count Drawtober's leisurely prompt list.

The official list, Drawloween, a list from smalltownspells, who did the Woodland Magic prompts, and the two off Twitter, which I very carefully saved the graphics for.


Was kind of hoping for another 'uncommon word' prompt list; that one was fun, but I haven't seen the person who came up with it on Discord for a long time. 😕


21 hours ago, TGP said:

I found one that was birds. 



I guess Andrea Holmes likes birds..?

Thorne are you going to start a 2021 thread for this? I think you should. 




... Heck.

You're gonna make ME do it this year? *sigh* Okay. Lemme .. get to a point where I am more awake.

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5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Not if you know what child labor laws are and raising kids is like.


For a Friday off, I wouldn't blame the parent to push the child into the deal anyway.

I get Friday and Saturday nights off and have for many years. To Dr. Orpheus: I beg you not to ask (what I did to get those nights off).

2 hours ago, TGP said:

Same here. It has to beat those nutters trying to write a whole novel in a month. 


It's not that hard? I mean, it's a first draft. It doesn't have to be good. Hell, it doesn't even have to be finished (50k is a very low bar and is really more like a novella). It just have to be done. For me, I tend to write bout 1k words per hour on average. So, it's just 50 hours of work for me spread out over a month. With an average of 1,667 words per day (I think), it's about 90 minutes per day of work for me. Given how I tend to write far less than I want to, NaNo is a good way to get me to get some words down on paper.

Plus, I usually don't really try to write a novel. I usually do a mix of things. This year, I'm probably going to do some work on a story idea I've been kicking around for a few weeks, finish a short story or two that I think I can finish, and a whole lot of blog articles (I've been slacking due to the summer of hell we just went through up here). I do like to end up with *something* to show for the whole thing.

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1 hour ago, Sylverthorne said:


... Heck.

You're gonna make ME do it this year? *sigh* Okay. Lemme .. get to a point where I am more awake.

I could maybe** do the thing. 
…should we use the old thread or start a new one? The old one was pinned. 

**my internet keeps breaking today. Spectrum Will Not admit they have orangutans [s]thinking[/s] yoinking on the wires in the name of constant improvement. 

Edited by TGP
Stupidid!! #%€¥£%#%$& autocorrupt
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I would need the links to those other prompt lists. 

In other news: I figured out a pretty good way to randomly roll a figure from Reaper’s catalog. 

Here are two examples of how it works:

Raw dice rolls first (4d10)




Those translate to:



https://www.reapermini.com/search/2812 Kallista the Mercenary

https://www.reapermini.com/search/3363 Dannin Deepaxe


The trick is that the FIRST d10 has to be translated (arbitrarily assigned) to a two digit number that is valid in Reaper’s list of SKUs. 


FREX there are no product codes that start with 72nnn, 42nnn, or 17nnn. Rolling 5d10 was no good since that method had a high probability of generating numbers that are unused. 

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6 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

Anyone planning to do Dracovember this year?


5 hours ago, TGP said:

Draw a dragon everyday?


5 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:


Look up "Dinovember" - it's like that but with painted dragons.  I use Kaladrax.


I'd need a painted dragon.....  maybe we could make it a paint challenge. 



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2 minutes ago, TripleH said:


Why do I hear Humpty Dumpty playing in the background?


Only if there's a verse that goes


Humpty Dumpty got bit on the face

Humpty Dumpty got thrown 'ower the place

All the Loctite and all the Green stuff

Had to put Humpty together again

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