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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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15 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I feel for you.  We've found enough of these "clever repairs" in our house that we started referring to them as "Gerrit-rigged", Gerrit being the first name of the previous owner.


One of my previous homes had been owned by "Mr 3-inch Screw".  Loose cabinet door? Fixed with a 3" screw. Loose railing on the stairs, 3" screw.  Need to put shelves up, 3" screw.  Never mind that in most cases the screw didn't go all the way into whatever it was "fixing". 


1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Taking care of sick children is exhausting.




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43 minutes ago, Inarah said:


One of my previous homes had been owned by "Mr 3-inch Screw".  Loose cabinet door? Fixed with a 3" screw. Loose railing on the stairs, 3" screw.  Need to put shelves up, 3" screw.  Never mind that in most cases the screw didn't go all the way into whatever it was "fixing". 





I was thinking exactly the same thought when I read @redambrosias post.


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Oh, yesterday was draining. You'd think washing the outside of the house windows wouldn't take very long, until you realize there's about 25 of them, an entire sunroom (yup, all windows and you have to get the glass roof!), and that you are washing with an extension pole that doesn't want to stay extended... and has the cleaning head duct-taped on because the physical attachment has been lost. Yep, everything hurts today.


However, I have a new appreciation for the conditioning of ancient Greek hoplites; the shoulder strength and stamina to repeatedly thrust a spear overhead and underhand in battle must have been fierce. I can't barely lift my hands above my head.


Time to catch up on what I missed.

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Well, it ended up being a 11 hr day (right on the mark too). Becoming my normal Sunday morning routine. Supposedly, canned veggies are being affected by a shortage this year. So grocery manager went nuts & ordered about a pallet worth of our brand name (joy).


Yah, makes for a quick day at home today.


Since Sundays are our day we go get weekly groceries & I wanted some things, I went with my wife. We shopped for a bit (I got something to eat from the store as well) & promptly came home & went to bed around 1 pm or so. I only slept for a couple hours. I'm getting tired now thou. I'll just sleep till I head for work tonight. Really hoping for a regular 4 hr Sunday night/Monday morning shift tonight.


The next bit is post about my Saturday game. It does have some homophobic comments in it, so if you are easily offended, please no need to read it. It's not by me of course + it's kind long. It's nothing to really get worked up, but I wanted to let people know first before reading.



So interesting happenings occurred yesterday after (& even during the game) my Saturday at home 5e game. Well first off the guy that travels for 2 hr round trip called & said he was going to be about 10 mins late, I told him no worries. He showed & after a bit we were off, thou before we really got going, he started to argue a bit about rules (his normal spew) yesterday I didn't back down from him, as lately he's been a PiTA to one player & after what he told me his character was to that player due to his character's race, yah I wasn't going to have it this time.


Couple weeks ago when we played after the game he told me his character was human-centric as he was originally from Zakhara & they just don't have any of these new 5e races there (guy is coming from older editions of D&D in the first place). He told me basically he's tolerate of elves & dwarves & even halflings but he hated half-orcs & he considered the new 5e races, monsters & were to be dealt with that way. I was like "uhhh ok, as much as I like the PH common non human races, it is nice to break away from them & play something different." He went into a spew about how he didn't like them, bla bla. I was like yah whatever. He then told he'll never help out Steven's character "Bear, the dragonborn druid", on the account of him being a db & he doesn't like Steven as a person. I'm like whoa whatever dude it's frickin game. 


Anyways, back to yesterday's game, there was argument with a male tabaxi merchant & his hired goons (thugs) vs some pacifistic monks (scholars, not the class) that all they did was record stories about people & they try to pass them along to everyone. It's part of their teachings & ways, etc etc. Well, word got to the monks that the tabaxi cheated on his husband & his husband left him, so the tabaxi blamed the monks for breaking up their relationship.


Well, the travel guy went into this all holier then thou rant about how wrong it is/was for a man & ,man to be together. Afterwards, he was like so do these relationship happen in Zakhara as well? I told him the game is inclusive to everyone, as they want to be inviting to everyone that wants to play. I also told him he was a bigot for thinking the way he does. He didn't like that but everyone else at the table felt that way as well.


During the combat, he started out next to Bear, but after he bit he was like, "oh wait, I would have never stood next to Bear during this, so I'm over here instead & during combat he ridiculed the 5e rules in regards to how many feet you can throw a javelin vs real life. I looked at him & just said "Dude, they simplified the 5e rule set & if you can't handle that, then 5e isn't for you". He mainly wanted to be next to the dwarf so he could use his Paladin protection ability as a reaction. An ability he never would use to help Bear out with btw. At the end of the combat (party won), the player said "Oh well if it's normal in my country, I would probably would not have said that, bla bla." Again, I just looked at him.


There was anther part in the game, where the party needed to cross over to a boat in the harbor & they were loaned a rowboat. He tossed a oar to Bear & then took his spot at the bow ala George Washington style. I told him "& Bear wacks you in the back of the head." jokingly. Bear's player just said he tossed it back & curled up & took a nap while they rowed out to the boat. I commend Bear's player for just rolling with it instead of confrontation.


At the end of the adventure, "Travel guy" told me, well I hope you can find anther player as I don't think the game is gonna work out for me anymore. I just can't get in to it anymore. I was like 'No worries, do what you feel is right for you." So currently, the game is on hold till I can find a reliable 3rd player. We have 3 now but the 3rd is kinda unreliable due to the extra work he does for a group home & sometimes he has to work on Saturdays due to it.


To be honest, I'm glad "Travel guy" bowed out as I liked the guy, he wasn't that bad of a guy, even he was a hardcore "red side of the line" person, unless he was in his "gotta argue rulings" mode & he views on the player with mental handicaps. I appreciated that he took the time & money to drive down every Saturday, but yah it was time for him to go, he was starting to wear on the other players & me. My Weds group is so much nicer without him in it & I'm looking forward to my Saturday group as well, when we re-start.


It's funny, I told my players afterwards, I should have included a gay tabaxi merchant earlier!! :lol:



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I've had some medical stuff going on the last couple of weeks. Nothing life threatening, painful but I'll live. However, now that that is clearing up I've got a killer migraine. Probably something to do with having basically slept all of the last 3 days. So kind of glad I decided to take some time away from painting. I'll probably be back at it before I intend to but I am burnt out and need a hobby break.

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That foundation crack I heard last week has now manifest across the floor. Went from the garage door to the stairwell to the basement. About four feet, cracking two tile and going through the mortar for the other two. Wondering if I should kintsugi the broken tile. Not with gold of course. Well, could do gold colored mortar. 

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I should not be working on eight different "character" minis in one shot.  They all hit the "ugly phase" around the same time, and I keep second-guessing the color choices.


And this is why I am the assassin of brushes:




Both are Army Painter "Character" brushes.  The brush on the bottom has been in use for some time--and is, truthfully, not in the worst shape compared to others I've used.

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I think that's the last time I entertain Hobby Sesrch's small packet surface mail shipping.  It's been two months now, and what I ordered I've seen come into stock twice on Hobby Link Japan... And HLJ for the same price (more or less) ships it EMS. 


What's in the box isn't critical I wanna build it this instant stuff, but at the same time boy do I just want the package to show up! 

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It seems the repairs I did to the canopy are holding, we've had some heavy rains the last days and it's still dry inside.

Here's hoping this will stay that way.


Of course instead of being able to hobby again I discovered that one of the downspouts form the house is either blocked or leaking.

So I will have to pay some attention to that one.


In better news, we will head out for a long weekend at the Coast this Friday.



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Monday again... well, no stalling it. On to the trivia for October 4th:

  • 1535 – The Coverdale Bible, the first complete Modern English translation, was printed, with translations by William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale.

  • 1883 – First run of the Orient Express, with service between Paris and Istanbul.

  • 1957 – Sputnik 1 became the first artificial satellite (i.e. put there by mankind) to orbit the Earth.

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I have discovered just how insidious the slide into "stereotypical old people behavior" is. 



Seeking a diversion from the torment of the exercise bike, yesterday I took an early morning walk. On my journey, I noticed that the only other things moving were a handful of older folks and a small army of squirrels. Nothing obviously strange or out of the ordinary, yet I also got the impression that there was something just under the surface that I couldn't quite make out. On my way back I sat down in the park North of the bridge for a breather, and when I did several squirrels began giving me the side eye.

Most of my attention was centered on the gazebo in the center of the park, making sure it wasn't going to pounce on me, so it wasn't until one of the squirrels came fairly close that I finally noticed.

(Hey, where's my peanuts you cheap elf?!) It seemed to convey through facial expression.

"What?" I replied.

(Peanuts.) The squirrel's expression darkened, (You old elfs know the rules, you guys bring us peanuts as payment for services rendered.)

"What the elf are you talking about?" I said, "I already leave you peanuts in the dish on my porch and if you ain't quick enough to beat the chipmunk to them then that's your problem."

At this point I was pretty sure that this was a shakedown attempt, and I was in no mood to be mugged by squirrels.

A second squirrel approached.

(Ah hell,) it said, (Gunther calm down, this guy's new he don't know the score yet.)

"Look," I said "If this is some kind of protection racket bullelf, then you guys oughta know I'm the duly appointed Inquisitor of Agamenthar Our Coffee God, I'm on good terms with the Great Pumpkin, and I've got a crew of Fat Little Birds to back me up if you wanna get ugly, so back the elf off."

(Oh, a wiseguy.) Gunther sneered, flicking his tail in the squirrel version of the one finger salute, as he prepared to make his play. The second squirrel quickly moved between us as a third approached at speed.

(Abelard, Gunther, what the elf is going on here?) It barked.

(We got us a smartelf that ain't got no peanuts,) Gunther said, (One that's gonna be learning some respect real quick now.)

(I think he's the new guy, you know the replacement call went out after...) Abelard chipped in.

(Yeah,yeah, shut it.) the third squirrel gestured and the first two backed off. Then I found myself being stared down by beady yet steady eyes.

(Of all possible people...)the squirrel groaned, (it had to be this nutjob.)

"What the elf are you talking about?" I asked.

(You're the guy that's been giving those elfhole birds Odic Force through the seed bell, aren't you?" the third squirrel asked.

"Yeah, so what?" I replied.

(You gotta be kidding me!) Abelard chirped, (This guy is who they picked, no way, he don't even have enough grey hairs yet!)

(Well I don't see no sparrows here now, let me at 'im!) Gunther added.

The third squirrel shook his head.

( You two pipe down,) the squirrel pointed at me, (As for you nutjob, here's the quick rundown. When you humans get up in age, you join one of two shifts, Night shift, the folks who can't sleep and stand watch, or Morning shift, the early bird types who clean up afterwards, and feed us in exchange for the services we render. You ain't old enough for this, but you're nuts, so I can maybe see why this happened. All you need to know right now is that if you step into this park before noon, you bring peanuts or else. As for the details, we gotta hash that out with some other people first, and if this is legit you're gonna be hearing from us. Now get outta here!)

"So what, you're insinuating that there's some kind of secret war that's going on between old people, squirrels, and the forces of Old Night?" I asked, "because that would explain a few things. Either that or this is the one of the more creative extortion attempts I've heard about, which is it?"

Other than chittered verbal abuse, and rude tail gestures I didn't get a direct answer. On my walk back, the sight of the morning walkers took on a new aspect, as if they were marching designated patrols, the antics of the squirrels looting the yards took on an almost organized tone, and I began to wonder if my sudden urge for early morning walks was something I had decided on...or if I was instead heeding a subtle call....I suppose the only way I'm going to find out more is to stuff some peanuts in my pocket and stop by the park again...maybe prepare a "special" peanut for that loudmouth Gunther, one that's got a Centrum Silver vitamin in the center of it....








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I have been feeding the squirrels and birds that visit our garden.

Sometimes I'm late putting nuts on the feeders, I've had squirrels who looked at it, looked through the window at me and then at the feeder.

Somehow I end up putting nuts on that feeder then....

I wonder...


And why the heck am I actually paying good hobby money to buy nuts???

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