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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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5 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Fact or fiction:

The Thames river in London has venomous sharks?


No Googling. 


I'm not going to say that I read the BBC article this morning about the wildlife survey in the Thames river system.....but my totally uninformed opinion is that you don't want to mess with Spurdogs(the hint is in the name!)




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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

I really should have spent the evening working on the adventure for this weekend's D&D game.  Instead, I spent the evening in my wife's glass studio making myself a platter to serve cookies on at the game.  Just put it in the kiln:

Just finished the stuff for tomorrow's after school game - they will be meeting their first vampire - and it will be a different one than the first group.


Viacanali is kind of fun - the vampires don't advertise their presence, but they aren't exactly hidden, either.


So, this group will be getting the classic Vampire Walking By A Mirror scene.


Fun thing, the government of the City and Nation of Viacanali don't care if the vampires kill lower class inhabitants - and the vampires typically kill between ten and twenty every week.

But as long as they keep their feeding to foreigners and the dregs of society...... Meh.


Another fun fact - the dregs chosen by the vampires are often, but not always, pretty horrible people.


And one last - most, but not all, vampires use a knife and a chalice - not feeding directly, and most of the vampires do not kill their prey. There are two groups of vampires that kill on a regular basis.


The Auld Grump

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2 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

Photos are spoilered for those on low data. 

FYI, spoiler doesn't stop the photos from loading, so does nothing for those on low data. It just makes it easier to skip past the post.


Glad to hear you're recovering, though. And the photos look great.

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It has been raining. A lot. Sufficient that the theory of, 'we will play Pokemon Go! It will get us moving!' has been.. of limited success (also, hi, we need new trainer friends. I promise, we're low maintenance). 

... however, the presence of a mall, in driving distance, with.. like.. a gaming store, a couple of model shops and a whole video game store means that 'Hey, wanna go to the mall?' actually.. happens. And then we get walkies, because it's not heckin' POURING indoors! 

As much as I love this weather, walking in it is un-fun. If you can see, you are WET. If you are dry, you can't actually /see/. My head and hoods do not get along with each other at all, and I have never had luck with umbrellas.


... this has no possibility of backfiring in some hilarious, hobby-related fashion, if only because the FLGS doesn't stock Reaper, and neither do the model shops.  Worst case... I buy more dice. Or succumb to Funko Tiamat (Funko succeeded in making things I actually want. Whodathunk.. I want Dragon!Malificent, too). Or Andi discovers one of the above is carrying something he wants, and the next thing I know I'm trying to talk him out of something I hadn't known existed until he pounced on it. This is unlikely, as his anime/gaming interests are very niche, but.. it could happen.

Makes for funny conversations though; he's confused more than one unsuspecting shop attendant after the innocent 'Anything I can help you find' question they have to ask. 

He may also have started a few of them on new rabbit holes, but that's the risk you take ...

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