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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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So doctors office just called, the results are in.... 

I am a cranky old man and should be locked up away from society and left all alone. 

jk, I still can joke, but some of my humor has a very dark place to it. all of my numbers were good the bad ones went down the good ones went up. 

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4 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:


I saw a news article on this the other day, saying that at this point it's not that the port of LA is processing slower than normal, it's actually been operating at over 100% it's historical maximum.  The problem is that American importers and retailers are bringing stuff in at a rate that far exceeds historical demand, and the big ports of entry are struggling not to get back to full strength but actually to increase beyond what they needed before.

A major contributor to the backup is the work rules for the Longshoreman's Union.  The locals in the LA area have been run on nepotism for decades and the union work rules have imposed complete shutdowns of unloading/loading a couple of times a day, including a 4 hour gap in the overnight schedule.

Even with the ports running at "more than 100% historical capacity", a situation which should be the new standard IMNSHO, there isn't enough rail and truck capacity to move the freight to the already nearly full warehouses across the west.

I read another report where the Union Pacific had to completely shut down westbound traffic for six plus hours one day recently to try to clear the logjam of container traffic trying to move to the mid-west and east.

It's a problem with enough moving parts to make it intractable to easy fixes.  At this point, all the stuff floating at anchor can't make it ashore and moving till some time next year because of capacity issues coupled with the inevitable customs delays.  We all should know how the customs delays work from our experiences with Reaper Kickstarters.

@Cygnwulf is right.  Port capacity just can't keep up, and the problem will only get worse as they keep building bigger and bigger container carriers.  Some of these ships are now so big they can't fit through the Panama Canal, so port call options are limited and require extra planning and lead times.


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2 hours ago, Colonel Kane said:

Hey All.

Wow two days in a row. I hope everyone is doing great, or as great as you can. I know not everyday can be great or even good, have to have some crappy ones in life somewhere. 


I think I know why i like creating new fantasy worlds.... it is a major distraction for me, it gives me something to focus on, other than the semi crappy times. I started a .new, world, but it has because just a rehash of the last one. got to thinking about things and I have always tried to set up a new world and try to have all these possible adventure hooks laying about every where. 

My PbP that has well it has kind of died, I hate to admit that, but I have not shut it down, but my fire to run it has dwindled to a match size flame. Part of my problem is, while I have a direction of where I am going, I am kind of lost. One it is a Sci Fi setting and I am not  use to it and two, I feel like my direction is not as clear cut as what I want either. 


Anyways. I am more or less rambling, so I should get to working on something. 


Schermafbeelding 2021-11-16 201757.jpg

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53 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Some of these ships are now so big they can't fit through the Panama Canal, so port call options are limited and require extra planning and lead times.


Most of the monster ships just run to the major ports. (Felixstowe for UK. Rotterdam for Western Europe. Then the containers get transferred to smaller "feeder" container ships to distribute to smaller ports. Of course this doesn't get rid of the problem of limited port and storage capacity.


The shipping industry in fact has excess capacity. (The S Koreans subsidise their ship-building industry and just churn out container ships rather than lose votes/backhanders) The real problem is distribution form ports and moving empty containers

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Today is YADD.  (Yet Another Drama Day). 

Lot's of little issues causing big drama.  The one that makes me laugh though,, is a reaction to this one. 

First, some backstory:

A number of months back, one of our vendors informed us that a particular cash handling device model line that we've used for 15 years now has been discontinued, and replaced with a new model line. The transition between these two model lines was supposed to be a lot smoother, but the aforementioned supply line issues over the last 18 months mucked up our vendor's schedule, meaning the line that was ending discontinued before the new line truly got ramped up.  My manufacturer ran out of old units, and don't have enough new units to build existing orders, let alone new orders and sample units for the techs like me to familiarize ourselves on.  The vendor is shipping units as fast as it can to everyone.  Oh, also relevant - the manufacturer of these units changed names when the new line was announced. 

Our first equipment with the new device is being installed by one of our distributors, and there are some issues. So far, these have all turned out to be minor issues, mostly exacerbated by an install crew that doesn't like to do any troubleshooting, and the distributor tech and myself having no experience with the new device.  This was further exacerbated by the distributor tech and myself not having any documentation for these devices. I was supposed to get some weeks ago, but the person in charge of that failed to move them from her PC's hard drive to the service server and she's on vacation.  It took me nearly 18 hours to get it from the vendor, because apparently the office that handles that is in somewhere in Europe. 

At this point, the distributor tech and I are making progress, having narrowed down the "These are all DOA" to just some minor issues on all but one unit, which may have been damaged by the install crew. 

Now the drama:

Distributor management gets word of part of the situation - that the new devices aren't working.   Our management gets an email from them complaining about these new, "untested" devices from a new vendor, how dare we use them as a guinea pig, and demanding that we ship them the old "reliable" model from the old vendor that we've been using for years. 

This email exchange is going to be fun to watch, based on my past experience with the distributor management.  Fortunately, the tech I have to work with now and in the future understands the situation, and he and I will simply forge ahead. We both suspect that within a year, we'll like the new devices more than the old, because they do actually seem to be an improved product. 

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5 hours ago, Zink said:

Sitting in my living room trying to figure out some Cura settings for a 0.8mm nozzle and watching the neighbour's roof blow away. Not getting the snow like further north but got the 100kph winds.

It was sunny and +3 today, we could have possibly our runs but the highways further out were already having travel advisories. Gotten windy a few hours ago, snow just started about half an hour ago.

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