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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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20 hours ago, aku-chan said:



My daytime park walk didn't offer any clues as to what they were up to.


It'll have to remain a mystery.

My vote is the MIB were actually hosting a welcoming party to water elementals. 



2 hours ago, BadgersinMeadows said:

Made some fudge, though it's not quite solid yet. Rather tasty if a bit rich.  I used a Youtube video by Nimo's Home as a guide if anyone's interested in the source. 


The Victrix Vikings arrived and I built some, they're looking really nice. Lovely sculpts. 


My youngest made brownies the other day. When I got home from work I tested my blood sugar and it was 100, so I treated myself to two small squares of brownies and some chocolate milk. I am surprised they have survived this long. The family usually has them consumed before I even know they are there. 



Also, three days in a row. Now it will be three weeks before I can respond.... lol

I know it is because I am working nights and I am more or less alone in the house, compared to when I work days the whole family is home at night, so I end up spending more time with them. 

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4 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

So, why do they proceed to curl up right next to me and purr? At least once a week, this leads to me going back to sleep.


So, M.E.O.W.'s tactic to prevent you from performing your duties for W.O.O.F. are successful.

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56 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:


If there's something I've always remembered from school, no matter what grade I was in, is that technology never works on the first try.

And yet Car Wash owners continue to schedule their grand openings for the same day the installers tell them the equipment should be ready by. 

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Rotten noisy data. Flight Sciences has yet to look at it, but I did my “responsible engineer” look and I didn’t like it. And if I didn’t like it, they’re much pickier. 

For context, this is a mechanism test measuring rotation rate during free fall. The noise is probably saying thousands of times the force of gravity, which, of course, is waaaaaay off. 

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14 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Worse has happened - the lawyer on Zoom with the Cat filter that he couldn't turn off - https://youtu.be/TDNP-SWgn2w


Our folk music circle tried Zoom... it did not work well for our purposes.

Apparently this is not the first time - all the 'attempts' being equally insincere.


This was the fourth - the cops were not amused, and wanted to take him in - but not for observation.


I'm afraid that the general manager has reached the point where she almst wishes he would just do it - the home office is not allowing her to fire the twerp.


The Auld Grump - I haven't been paying attention to the gossip at work, I guess.

This is a very bad situation.

The Gods Forbid that anything should happen to a customer because of this unstable individual.  The boldface information will prove very damaging in any legal proceedings, and that information will come forth during discovery.

My advice is to stay alert and keep your head down.

Situations like this cause unnecessary stress for everybody who has to work around the unstable person.

Good Luck


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1 hour ago, ManvsMini said:


Please tell me you didn't eat the burger with the fork and knife? You gotta get your hands dirty, only way to eat it properly!


My girl and oldest Vixen got their hands dirty like true savages, the youngest wasn't there for dinner.

Me?...i'm a sophisticated Wolf and used the cutlery...😉

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grumble grumble.  today is turning into one of those days.

First, this morning, the screen has failed on my resin printer in the middle of printing a nice big monster to fight in the next few weeks for my campaign. I forgot to order a spare, going to be at least a week to get a new one.  Then,
I can't find the lieutenant big bad for my campaign, I was fixing a broken part of him two nights ago at my hobby desk, I know I was using the rotary to put a pin in his sword handle, so I know he was there.  I THOUGHT I put him back in the figure case but he's not there.  
Next, I gave up on looking for that, decide I'll take some time and primer some models. Airbrush needle action is stiff so I opt to disassemble it and clean it, whereupon I proceede to drop the itty bitty nozzle in my shag carpet.  I mange to find it, sit back down and go to reinstall it thinking 'dodged a bullet there' when I butterfinger the insertion and bounce it back down into the floor.  And this time I can't find it.  I spent half an hour combing through the carpet, got the little vacuum out and tried to find it with that to no avail.  

Feeling annoyed but with everything set up I grab el cheapo airbrush to at least lay down some primer (The one I don't really use much because it suffers from a slightly misshapen nozzle and frequent tip dry clogs). I just finish coating everything and get ready to start cleaning it when blam, the airbrush hose comes apart.

Like... who did I cross and how do I get this hobby curse removed because this isn't making me very happy.....


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