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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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38 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:



 Hell, by now the ghosts have faded away and the curse has worn off, lol.



 Okay, my hip just popped... Curse is definitely still in effect.




The popping and crackling is how I know everything is still attached.  :lol:

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So my son has wanted a drone for a few years now, but I've kinda ignored the statement about them. This year figured I'd actually get one for him for Christmas. Now, looking at them I see that unless your paying big bucks for one, your only gonna get a flight time of like 10 to 15 mins. How exciting is that? Start it up, weeeeeeeeeeee...."oh yah that was fun."


Is there anything out there that is reasonably priced but with a longer flight time?

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Have some historical happenings for this day of Nomeber 20th:

  • 1805 – Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio, premiered in Vienna.

  • 1820 – An 80-ton sperm whale attacked and sunk the Essex (a whaling ship from Nantucket, Massachusetts) 2,000 miles from the western coast of South America. (Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick is in part inspired by this story.)

  • 1985 – Microsoft Windows 1.0, the first graphical personal computer operating environment developed by Microsoft, was released.

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15 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

If I ever again have a pain free day I will know that I am officially dead.  ::(:


Who buys the industrial size bottles of painkillers on too regular a basis.


I read the newspaper every morning before getting out of bed.


If I'm not in the obituaries I get up.

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22 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Friend of mine posted a picture of that same spicy chicken sandwich on FB the other day - the one she got not only had a big air pocket in the breading, but the center of the chicken was still raw.

IMO, Carl's Jr went way down hill when they merged with Hardees.  

I posted it on Twitter and tagged their account but got nothing. I guess I don't have enough clout. :rolleyes:


No painting got done. I did get some cleaning done and wrote out a rather long review and thoughts on A Silent Voice. And since I had enough money, I ordered the movie, too. No idea when that will turn up. I also spent some time talking with my mom via text about art. Today has been weird.

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