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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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1 hour ago, haldir said:


Daughter gets off from work around 3 here, so we'll head out around 2 for our weekly forage. Thou we might leave earlier as I need to hit up a local "mart" for some 99% Iso Alch for the resin printer.


Not to bad this morning, we clocked off around 9, so it was a 9 hr night. The load was big but it wasn't stupid big. All I know is I'm getting tired of the ramen section. Pretty much the only thing people are eating around here...

That may account for my seeing bare shelves in that section of our local Smith's on a recurring basis.

Which I won't be observing for at least a week while I'm under quarantine.

Another day of feeling like tattered road kill.  No energy, some agitation but not as bad as the middle of the week, upset GI tract.

Covid sucks.


Addendum:  On a positive note, Forge of Empires is now loading properly, even though my motivation for keeping my city attended to is lacking.

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2 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

With which of the "usual rescue kits"...  The steak dinner, or the double burger?

Steak dinner, but there's no need. I found what I needed ( and some of what I didn't---never shop hungry, folks ) and arrived back home safely. 

The cats were happy to see me as it is almost their dinner time.

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5 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Time to venture out in search of sustenance ( going to the grocery store ). If I'm not back in a few hours, send a rescue team.

I don’t advise going outside. I went outside and my toddler had a full on screaming melt down at the store, then on the way home, I got pulled over for not having the correct sticker on my front license plate. Mind you, they only gave me ONE sticker when I renewed my tabs. So, yeah, going outside is for the birds.

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 Dammit, how am I supposed to steal the pants off of this elfhat Altmer if he doesn't actually go to sleep when he's supposed to... Grrr.  :devil:





(Whenever people in Skyrim give me an attitude, I make a point of stealing their clothes...)




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1 hour ago, Mad Jack said:


 Dammit, how am I supposed to steal the pants off of this elfhat Altmer if he doesn't actually go to sleep when he's supposed to... Grrr.  :devil:





(Whenever people in Skyrim give me an attitude, I make a point of stealing their clothes...)




Ah yes, the "Naked Nazeem with a basket on his head" solution to being pestered about going up to the Cloud District. 

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Today's gonna be a "fun" one... Freezing rain for the first half of the day followed by a massive drop (20C drop) in temps with winds making it even chillier, and they're forecasting blizzard conditions too.  Here's hoping for a typical Monday at work, because that will help immensely... 


That and I have to hit the UPS Store after work, and they close at six, and I really, really want those packages I couldn't pick up last week due to symptoms making me isolate. 

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16 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

It's awfully quiet in here today....I hope Monday isn't Mondaying everyone too badly.


Quilt guild meeting cancelled due to snow.  We meet once a month and do charity projects.  I was going to pick up dinner on the way home.  Slight change of plans now involves grocery shopping and cooking.  DH has to work today even though it is a state and federal holiday.  The banks and customers he has to work with are closed. 


Just a normal Monday. 

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22 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I loved those games and played the absolute crap out of them.  The FW author is a real good guy, too, got to play with him a bunch of times.

If you ever meet him again, please slap him with a fish for me. While the game is nice, there's a lot of stuff I found really, really confusing the first few times I looked through it. Also, the lack of any sort of rules for making your own scenarios was very... Annoying. It wasn't until I looked at the 45 Adventure book that everything clicked. It says it's a full game. It's not. I wouldn't have minded if it was labeled as an expansion. <_<


20 hours ago, Rob Dean said:


I don’t know of another purpose built for that.  In our club, we have a tendency to use Blood & Swash for everything, including the occasional Buck Rogers skirmish.  (Using 54mm semiflast Buck Rogers figures from 1930s vintage home casting molds).  




Additional solo rules would proably be a hit.  Pursuant to the discussion here earlier this week, I picked up a copy of Five Leagues from the Border.  I’ve always got room on the shelf for a plausibly usable set of rules, which a solo game for which I have figures always is …


There is Retro Raygun, which I haven't played, but it has the look from what I've been able to learn about it. I passed on it because it was based around units and I'm not down for that. There's also some Raygun Gothic elements in the Counterblast minis but I keep forgetting to get the free rules sample from their website.

There's also some talk about Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse getting a sci-fi setting and I have plans of converting groups to that.


As for solo rules, you can easily adapt the villains in Perilous Tales to the genre. I mean, they have robots, mad scientists, and the blob. Oh, and Martian walkers.


13 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:


I feel attacked...

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