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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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8 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

40 years ago today in Des Moines, Iowa,  Ozzy Osbourne cemented himself in rock n roll  history by biting the head off of a bat while on stage performing on his 'Diary of a Madman' tour.


My son was watching his new show on Travel Channel? the other day & I didn't even recognize him.


Almost game time!! One of the things I look forward to Friday nights is Winterhawks hockey! Tonight's game is @ Tri-City (aka Kennewick, WA) Americans.

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9 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I really need to restock some of my MSP paints, but don't want to risk having the paints ruined in the cold weather. 

Pretty much a similar problem here.  Four or so more months to go, and hoping there isn't another dramatic rearranging of paints in the meantime...

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12 hours ago, kristof65 said:



Where I lived in CO, and now where I live in IA get more days of sunshine a year than where I lived in Northern CA does. One of the final straws that drove me to to make the decision leave CA and move back to CO was a six week stretch of grey skies and drizzle without a single peek of the sun. 

It may be below freezing with snow on the ground here in IA, but at least I have sunshine, and the snow has mostly melted off my roof, despite the cold weather.  


And gray skies.... usually still enough light to be of use to a solar panel even if we think it sucks! 😄


Vancouver has a ton of rain, more than Silicon Valley where I grew up. But y'know.... I rather like not having my home be at immediate risk of burning to the ground. Pretty much everywhere else I've lived has had that danger. Oakland hills have burned - northern CA suburbs are vulnerable. When I was in San Diego for 6 months, we had fires in suburbia. I was surrounded 3 sides by fire and 1 side by ocean. Colorado? So much fire. Burned my master's thesis adviser's house down in 2010. My dad's place in Sierras in CA? Well that Caldor fire gave him a scare. BC has fires in the interior, but the big city itself isn't going to burn. So I kinda am grateful for our gray skies. Until they flood the Fraser Valley, at least.

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Well, it is the weekend. After a week of not getting enough sleep, I doubled up on pills and just crashed for about 10 hours. It was glorious. Now, I need to get things done...

Speaking of getting things done, I think I'm going to start showing off my terrible painting on my gaming blog. Which means I need to set up a thing to photograph them. And that's going to be fun. I should have enough stuff around the place to make it look nice. And I have a bunch of things unfinished that I should probably get done, too. :ph34r:

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Thursday 20th.


Ham from the Bone, Fried Potatoes, Tomatoes with Feta from the Oven, Green Asparagus, Stewed Pears, Truffel Mayo.




Friday 21th.


Sauerkraut infused with Curry ( the yellow Indonesian kind) and Smoked Sausage and Limburg Mustard.




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  • Moderator

...and here I am eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I jazzed it up by adding cranberries, walnuts, and dried dates, though.



In other news, I have a picture of how my morning began:



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Dang, not only is my Saturday game cancelled because the DM is under the weather, but my car won't start due to the cold.


I've been making so many short trips in very cold weather that it killed the battery.


I'll try again tomorrow when it gets warmer (up to -12C instead of the current -30C).

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 Just found a corpse under the floorboards in my attic, lol... ::D:


It's an old Rubik's Cube, probably original vintage. Unfortunately, it's pretty much permanently seized up and missing a couple of the stickers.   :down:


Technically, the attic doesn't really have "floorboards", since it's really just loose sheets of plywood and only covering about half the area of the attic, with the rest being the bare skeleton of the house with insulation, pipes and wires running through it. So even aside from the stuff we intentionally store under the boards, a lot of other stuff finds its way under there, only to be rediscovered decades later, or never seen again, lol.



 On a related note, there's apparently quite a number of artists making mosaic portraits using Rubik's Cubes these days....  Honestly, this doesn't actually surprise me much.


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