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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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Ah, Monday. What do you have in store for me today?   Already handled one Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee (ID10T) error and one PEBCAK (problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard) error. 

Finally have a star map for my Traveller Amid The Tangled Stars setting.  FTL in this setting consists of interdimensional "fractures" between star systems called Threads, and the whole together of them are known as The Tangle.  The star map looks more like a subway map than anything else. 

The problem is that after typing all the info into the mind mapping software I though would help organize it, I discovered that Scapple doesn't have any tools to help me auto arrange things into something optimal for the final arrangement.  Right now it truly looks like a tangle of multi-colored strings. 

Trying to decide now if I should just go ahead with attempting to make a more polished map manually, or if I should try to find some software with better layout and organizational tools. 

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18 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

3D printing makes bribery a very effective means of recruiting players - an entire ten person crew is about one or two dollars to print.... (Join ussss! Join ussss! :devil: )


Print Minis has some excellent packs to use with StarGrave....

Megan found a... PG 13 model of a cryo chamber to go with this set.

(Spoilered because nudity - even though it is already censored.)

  Reveal hidden contents







I think that the fungi covered pod might be Patient Zero.


The Auld Grump



OK, no links, but PLEASE, who does the "Waking girl" pod?

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12 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

Acquired: New motherboard/CPU cooler, and a fresh reminder why I hate computers.


Still like this case; it's super-easy to work in.


1 hour ago, Serenity said:

Are these two things related to one another?  Details?



My computer has been having Issues for a while; every so often it was just.. slowly.. locking... up. No obvious cause. No error messages; has been driving Andi and I bonkers for months. Finally started narrowing it down to hardware. My original motherboard apparently has some Issues, which might, possibly, cause problems like the ones I was seeing, so.. Andi threw his hands up and bought me a new motherboard. And, because my original CPU cooler was.. well, kind of a piece of *redacted*, and I was going to have to pull all the things anyway, we decided to replace that too. And contrary to my expectations, I got the cooling block installed in under a minute; that's usually a wretched fight. So, hooray for Corsair, I guess.

So far, I haven't seen a repeat of the issues, but I haven't done any of the things that used to cause explosions, either. ^^;


Also, because the sound chip on this board has a reputation (Andi has the same mainboard, he had to disable the sound chip before it fried his CPU) I'm working with external sound management, and that piece of hardware arrived DOA ... *sigh* so either I replace a working microphone, or start looking at .. something else. We might be eying Supreme Overkill here; with the GoXLR board. 

Replace a working microphone, because mine isn't USB, and.. technical difficulties, I guess?


Heck, I don't know. I have a 'working' mic, because my headset has one, so it's not an emergency, but this is where I am up to my whatsis in unknown waters and I really have no idea what I'm doing. ^^;



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So, a while back we were talking about Rifts, right? Well, a buddy of mine met a guy who wanted to get rid of his BOXES of Palladium books. Since he already had some from the first box the guy found, I scored some stuff, too. I got two (extra) copies of the Robotech core book, as well as a few others from that series, as well as some Rifts stuff. I got a copy of the first source book, with everyone's favorite evil AI, ARCHIE. I also got Rifts England, which I had completely forgotten everything about, and Rifts Africa, which is... Bad. Really, really bad. When you compare it to the level of England (the one before it) and Triax and the NGR (the one right after it), it really doesn't hold up. And it's really sad. In my version of Rifts, there will be a not!Wakanda that kicks butts and takes names. And I'm going to drop the four horsemen. Interesting ideas but way too out there. I think they kind of forgot about them, as well as the whole book, because they did some kind of demonic invasion thing and... I'm just going to stop talking about this now. I have a gaming blog for this sort of thing. :upside:

In other news, I wrapped up that super hero story. It was an interesting experiment, working with one of the more devious powers but I don't think there's more to do with it than what I did. Fun to do, might want to return to my full super hero setting at some point again.

And speaking of stories, I sent one off I finally edited to a site I've been looking at for years. Since it deals with some interesting topics, there's no money to be made. I just did it kind of as a thank you for the enjoyment I've received from the site over the years. Who knows, maybe I can build a following from it?

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I think by mentioning the store Spencer's last week I've somehow called into the ether and attracted their attention. I've had an email flyer from them every day since Thursday (?). Yeah, I could unsubscribe... but then I'd have less email that wants my money from a legit source.


I think it's time to start putting out more job applications. I'm grateful to have the one I've been doing for the past month now, but the drive is just killing me after the long shifts. It's not so bad when I work the two-day in a row, but when I have to do the three days it's really tough.

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