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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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15 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Sure, why not?::P:


I remember eating one of the dogs' treats when I was a kid. My thought process was something along the lines of 'Well, the dog eats it, why can't I?' (We regularly gave our dog table scraps; this may have contributed to that thought process)

It wasn't awful, but it wasn't super great, either. It certainly confused the poor dog, though.


I turned out fine, BTW.








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Had a wildlife emergency yesterday afternoon. Was leaving the house when I found what I thought was a dead snake on my patio. We had a few days of spring like temps last week and heavy downpours which likely woke the little guy up and ran him out of his cozy home. He was all stretched out like he was trying to warm himself up in a patch of sun but the cold temps prevented that from happening. I decided to put him in the compost pile so the dog wouldn't see it and think "oh look, a snack!" And after picking him up he moved his head a tiny bit. So I ran him into the house and put him in an old takeaway container and placed him near a space heater and sure enough, an hour later he was very much alive! It's going to stay cold around here for a few days so we grabbed some leaf litter out of the yard (he's a DeKay's Brown Snake and that's where they like to live) and found a little saucer for water and put together a makeshift terrarium for him until it's warm enough to put him back out again. He was certainly not happy about me picking him up to move him to his new container. The defense mechanism for this species is literally to try and burrow deeper, so no real risk handling him. He kept trying to slide between my fingers thinking that would get him into some ground and got all tangled up. But we managed to get him settled without any mishaps, much to the chagrin of the cats who really wanted to play with him. Fingers crossed he'll make it for a few days without food (his diet is mostly worms and slugs) and then I can release him into my garden beds where he can get down to the business of keeping it pest free.


Anyways, here's a picture of the little guy in question shortly after coming to, spoilered in case anyone has a thing about snakes:





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19 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Today is National banana bread day, it is also National dog biscuit day. Don't make a mistake and celebrate by eating the wrong one.  


Or go right ahead if you want to,  I'm not the boss of you. ::P:

The dog will happily.eat both.

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14 minutes ago, TGP said:

How do they normally survive Winter?


Same as most snakes in places that get cold weather. Find a suitable burrow, hole, old log, whatever. Get comfy there, possibly eating any other occupants first. Then hibernate until warmer weather arrives. There's likely all kinds of journal articles regarding metabolism of snakes in winter that would give you more details. But that's the gist of it. I keep a few areas of the yard full of old branches and heaps of leaf litter for snake habitat. So once it warms up a bit here we'll get him somewhere where he can find a new place to wait the rest of the winter out.

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17 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I was trying to get away with a single layer, and a few "jumpers". My randomly generated map of connections is too tangled for that. 

In learning the PCB design software, it occurred to me that I'm probably better off doing it in layers.  This will work out, because each connection is one of 6 sizes. Currently going through my schematic tagging each connection with a different class, then will regenerate the layout with 6 layers.  That should give me a  basis to do the real map in Campaign Cartographer, using sheets and layers, 

For my final map, I think I'm going to end up printing it out on transparencies. And now I'm wondering if going this route will let me add even more complexity by adding more worlds and threads

Yeah, the more layers on a board, the more complex the board gets.


It is now snowing here. Youngest sons play starts tonight. We will see how this goes. 

I have ordered a lager increase to my fleets, they should be rolling by the end of next month. I need to 'find' a map to war over. I have thought about using the old Judge's Guild Ley Sector I bought a few years agon as the map and just randomishly generate the worlds from there. We will have to see there as well, I guess. That does seem to be the best course of action. 

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Another night and more writing done. Of course, the place I've been working at is falling apart, I swear. For those of you who don't live in cities, a lot of buildings built after 2000 or so switched, at least out here, to electronic locks and use FOBs (no, not the military TLA, the thing you use to turn on your car alarm, close enough). These systems are good for access control and replacing a FOB is cheaper than replacing a ton of locks around a building. The nifty thing about these systems is that you can use a computer program to pop a door open or closed, which is really handy. There are flaws to these systems, as many of them use magnetic locks, which are really electromagnets, and unlock if the power goes out. And now, there's a big flaw, as the system where I've been seems to be suffering a cascade system failure. At one point, none of the FOBs worked and they had to manually open the doors and then put someone in an elevator to press buttons, because they had to put it in independent mode. That means that it goes to the floor and stays there. So, yeah, hot mess all around. Last night, the garage gate was locked open and not one but two homeless dudes tried to walk right in, which isn't cool because every time the doors or gate mess up, someone gets in and busts car windows. And the loading dock was messed up so I had to got pop open the door manually without a jacket. As much as I enjoy working desks, this is becoming a nightmare.

As for the state of the world today, not just overseas but in the US, I just.... I got nothing. Giant Meteor 2024!

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