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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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I've been lurking for a while. Things are...well, I'm hanging in there.


Our nieces are coming into town so that will be a nice reprieve from life. Going to spend the whole week at the inlaws with them. 


I asked the oldest today of she wanted me to bring some mini painting stuff for while they are here and she very enthusiastically said "Yes, please!" 


So I am excited to see them and hang out.

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I managed to break my glasses. By cleaning the lenses. 

I have kludged together a repair that is slightly more graceful than a piece of tape wound around the break, but I'm Not Amused.

And, of course, they can't get me in until... Saturday.  GAH. 

Yes, I have contacts, but due to washing hands being Tricky, can't really utilise them. If there was actual counter space in that bathroom, I'd rig one of those big jugs, but there literally isn't.


The well is proceeding more or less apace; flow test says we might have decent water pressure, in-house labs say we'll have hard, iron-heavy water (not news; that's what we had before), lab tests.. will be another week or three. Because of course.

Sooo. .. we're gonna see if we can't get the old well house cleared and flattened so that the old well can be decommissioned, so at least that will be done. 


Andi's .. doing better? Maybe? It's slow, and at least one of his meds flings his glucose into orbit, he's walking the fine edge of dehydration and has added a dose of electrolytes to his morning water, because those have been low in the last test.... He's beyond done with the whole thing, but at least - so far - that's put a stop to his legs not wanting to leg at random. Believe me when I say I have an ear out at all times. >.<

Not for the first time, have I cussed out whatever genius did the remodeling on this place...


Still want that refund. This has not been a better year. 0-10, would not recommend.

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10 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Puts an entirely new perspective on the term "Catbox".



Wonder Twins from the old JL cartoon, cause you know "Form of Water!" always had the brother's face. :lol:

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Ughh, looking at my sales list of my box of miniatures, I ordered & I totally spaced off ordering the newest Harefolk from CVP/Reaper. Order was from Gnomish Bazaar, so I had my chance to get him, but totally forgot & I really wanted that mini. Also funny, ordered a Bones Carrion Worm (77541) & of course tonight I found a worm stl that may fit the look I want instead. Never fails!!

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Well I just lost my Facebook account. 



Why would it say it was locked almost one year ago? I looked at it two days ago. 

TG Pendrake will no longer see anything from Reaper that is done via Facebook. I’m done with it. 

Edited by TGP
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Hey everyone.


So, my recovery has hit a bump in the road. Argh, it's difficult to explain without specifics :zombie: It's not lethal and I should still (hopefully) make a full recovery but it'll probably take longer than I was expecting. 


Plus points: I can walk, tootle about the house,  paint and go to work, even if I'm exhausted when I get home most days.


Negatives: I can't run, brainweasels are running rampant due to lack of proper exercise, can't lift heavy things, twist certain ways or do any strenuous gardening. Well, I can but it seriously risks messing stuff up again 😞


Anyways, sorry for being so vague. If any of you are super curious, feel free to pm me. We're all friends here and you're all awesome people 


I've done a few decent walks (which I really need to share pictures of) and I'm painting more than I ever thought that I could because of the RCL. My hands still have issues, but the painting really has helped(along with some exercises recommend by @ManvsMini!)


So yeah, dragons! Here's what I've been doing...






....and these two who aren't finished yet...




...but yeah, onward and upward! Death to brainweasels! 

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16 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Say hello to Albert!  


He's been fostering at my sister's place since he was brought in to a cat rescue. 

In the beginning, he was very shy, but then he realised that being petted felt good, and now he will sometimes even attempt to climb into people's laps...


Unfortunately, he uses his claws. 

And sometimes he just wants to hold onto the hand that pets...

Or he's twisting around in bliss, and about to fall off, and... uses his claws to avoid disaster...

And his claws go through anything.  


He may end up becoming part of the family because the rescue organisation can't re-home him.(You can't send him out and have him returned, or thrown out, just because he never learned to be careful with his claws as a kitten. )




Albert looks like a very fine boy and I'm so glad that he's fallen on his feet with such good people. 


16 hours ago, Pegazus said:

There are cats who learned to be careful with their claws?!?!! I must be doing something wrong.

And I gots the scars to prove it!


In my experience there are 3 kinds of cats, 


The ones that can control their claws, but feel like they need to occasionally keep you on your toes....




...the ones that never learned to control their claws (Albert seems to be in this 'cat'-egory) and need them trimmed....




....and those perfect little angels who have full control and never use them on you, like Loki. He's only clawed me once and that was only when I tripped whilst carrying him. I launched him away from me so that I didn't land on him. He somehow managed to cut open the back of my ear on the way and land like an elegant ninja 5 feet away from my inglorious faceplant. He can jump onto my shoulder from the ground without a single claw catching on my clothes, which is pretty good for 15lb cat!  This is him telling me that I've painted for too long and he needs scritches




That said, you should NEVER trim the claws of a cat that goes outdoors- they need them for defense from other cats and assorted wildlife. It's perfectly okay to trim the claws of an indoor cat though. Kurogane has no control  over his claws and got them trimmed after one to many attempts at recreating a pirate going down a sail using our backs. We use one of these guillotine cutters to just take the very tips off his claws and it cuts out a lot of stress for both parties.




Mind you, he's really trusting, so you'll probably want to get your vet to do it, at least the first few times. Make sure to give him some of his favorite treats as a reward after each little clip, it makes it a lot easier in the long run.

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I was looking at my calendar today and noticed that they denoted both "Easter" and "Orthodox Easter" on their respective Sundays; and it made me wonder why there isn't an "Unorthodox Easter"?  My coworker argued that all Easters other than Orthodox Easter are technically Unorthodox, as he views it as a toggle where you are either Orthodox or you are not.  I thought it might be more of a continuum where you could have Easters that were more or less orthodox, relative to each other.  Neither of us were sure if the true Orthodox Easter should be considered whatever pagan festival preceded Christianity, or Passover, or if either of those should be considered the Unorthodox pole of the discussion.  Any thoughts?


Happy whatever you celebrate! :poke:

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