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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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3 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

Bah, one of those mornings.....

feeling better, realized I needed to update my character's journal for my Sunday night D&D game.  So I opened it up to the relevant page, grabbed my "trusty" TWSBI Eco that I've been using all along for this character, realized it was out of ink.  Ok, no problem, simple matter to refill.... except that the bottle of ink I'd been using apparently didn't get capped tightly, AND was lying on it's side, and all the ink is dry in the bottom of the box.  Well, that's ok, it was cheap ink anyway and I was just trying to use it up.  It does mean fully cleaning the pen, which is tedious but not hard.  Flush the pen thoroughly, grab the Noodler's Dark matter, ink it up.  Write a test line on some scrap paper to make sure everything kopacetic, then open up the journal and start writing, and three words in BLOOOOOOOOOOT.  a huge puddle comes out, instantly soaks through the page and got some on the page behind, I was able to get a tissue on it before any further damage was done, but now I need to redo a page in the journal because I blotted over what happened before too......

Ah, the joys we endure who love our fountain pens!

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2 hours ago, TGP said:

As previously announced:


On 6/5/2022 at 10:52 AM, TGP said:

Friday is

National Ballpoint Pen Day

National Egg Roll Day

National Iced Tea Day


These ones I can manage! ::D:


I don't care what day it is.  I'm not eating a ballpoint pen.<_<

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10 hours ago, sumbloke said:


Some cooking doesn't need a fully functional kitchen. I've made do with a convection microwave oven, electric wok and plug-in induction cooktop...

it’s more about the stuff that’s in the kitchen than the stuff that’s not in the kitchen. Like, tons of boxes and tools taking up the counter space. 

4 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

That's why the "ish". ::P:

Shrek is one of her favorite movies, along with Up and Big Hero 6.


We're nerds.

Raising a nerdling is what we do. ::D:

Currently, Sephy’s favorite movie is Pacific Rim. Her grandma is sick of it because everytime Sephy just wants “kaiju!! Stompy robot!” 🤣

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2 hours ago, Corsair said:








or actually, I'm trying to fall asleep from work last night. It's not going so well. Vacation officially starts Sunday morning at midnight, as Saturday is technically my day off. I'm not sure about the game tomorrow as my hobby-game table is a complete mess & I'm just not in the mood to clean it up right now. We shall see, I guess.


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