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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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The windstorm that hit Chicago yesterday was NOT my fault. I have not made the Thunder Beef Marinade so far this year. 

I did however get the garden plot cleared after letting it go fallow last year, and got the tomatos and green peppers planted so there might be a slight possibility that the resulting weather was revenge from the woody weeds, although they usually are unable to summon such potent storms...and I cut down three weed trees this morning that were entangling themselves with the power lines, so there might be another wind storm incoming if the yard has recieved the power boost I fear it has...

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15 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Good thing they aren't dealing with me.  My response would be along the lines of "Not my problem.  My problem is your inability to follow simple instructions."


I usually hate having to explain these things to people because your response is the one I would like to use, but I have to be "more delicate.". Yes, I'm the one who didn't quite get the setting right when I sent the parameters to the bays. Yes, my help is needed to fix it.  So yes, in that regard it IS my problem.   But you're right in that their failure to follow instructions, and as a result were down for three days shouldn't be my problem.  Too many times, they still blame me for their failure to follow through. 

This time it was the husband I dealt with on Thursday, but the wife is who I dealt with yesterday to get things fixed.  So she was not argumentative when I pointed out he should have caught it.  Would have been fun to overhear their dinner conversation last night. 

Today isn't starting off that great.  Daughter missed the bus for summer school. Had to chase the bus down.   Worst part?  My wife is the bus driver. 

On the upside, we're getting a new dishwasher installed this morning. 

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And new dishwasher installed without issue (so far). 

With the way the day started off, I was concerned the installer would encounter some complication with the physical fit or some electrical or plumbing issue that would have to be resolved at extra expense. 

And finally, after 135 days, I was able to speak to someone about getting our contractor paid from our refinancing funds, so they can get started on our roof and siding. 


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4 hours ago, Corsair said:



Denzel Washington's dog.......


6 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:



"Care Otters"


Hey only have one of those folding spray booths for over a year, but finally used it!! Decided to try it out with some spray cans & it works fantastic. Looking forward to using it with the airbrush, later this week.

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