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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

The site visit yesterday did not go as well as I hoped.  We were testing a new custom teller software version, and the test process got bogged down by some stupidly simple, but frustratingly difficult problems to sort out with the dollar bill recyclers and coin mech. 


Got it to the point that all basic operations were working, then left it for the managers to test the user interface so they could ask for their tweaks, and I went on to my game night. 

This morning I get a call from the owner who rants for 20 minutes about the physical design of the equipment - rants he should have made to engineering when he took delivery of the equipment 8 months ago, or 4 months ago when we set it up in their shop for testing the software/hardware. 

On the upside of things, last nights game of Burrows and Badgers was quite fun.  My Racoon Cleric and Otter Ranger are bad a$$3s. 

I hope you billed him for the "Therapy Session".


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Just had a customer change their internet service provider, and now they can't process credit cards.   This is common enough, but these guys really screwed it up. 

When we got logged into their modem, i saw it was the same T-Mobile 5G home internet one I have for my backup internet.  Not only does it not support features we need for our equipment, AFAIK, T-Mobile is offering these for HOME internet only, not commercial accounts.  Which leads me to believe that someone is trying to save money by telling T-Mobile they're installing it at their house. 


Furthermore, since the T-Mobile modem only has two Ethernet ports, they tried to plug our equipment into a Sonic Wall firewall device provided by a different POS provider, which is a no-no - different point of sale systems and other network devices like camera systems should be on their own isolated subnets.  Not only that, the other POS provider has that Sonic Wall device locked down. 

Now they won't stop calling me for help when I already told them that their network is their responsibility to maintain and configure.  They want to get me on a conference call with the other POS company. Fine, I know what the other company is going to say, but the call keeps dropping and breaking up.  When i call them back on the two numbers provided, one says "number not in service" (despite it showing on my caller ID on the incoming calls) and the other says "Voice Mail Box is Full" 

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On 6/28/2022 at 3:25 PM, TripleH said:


Hey, I sing that!


The Auld Grump

On 6/28/2022 at 7:48 PM, PaganMegan said:

This would be funnier if Grump didn't sing this








Ayuh. (Ol' Paul was from Maine.)


I didn't do it?


The Auld Grump

Edited by TheAuldGrump
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On 6/28/2022 at 8:05 PM, PaganMegan said:

Grump is practicing The Last King of Maine.


I wish somebody had recorded it, it is a great song.


About a Viking King in post war Maine named Joey Jones. BD is drinking it in.


Google is no help.

I didn't know it until today - but the songwriter DID record it. (I learned it in 1988 - things can change....)



               THE KING OF MAINE
(By James Harper ©1988, as sung by Molly Carlson; slightly changed by Charles Ipcar, 2005; )

[G] Joey Jones was a native of the [D] Sunrise County [G] shores;
[G7] People [C] claimed that he was [G] crazy, from shellshock in the [D] war,
[G] He lived on a road less [G7] traveled, in a [C] shack perched by the [G] sea;
And he [C] was a very [G] dear friend to [D] all my friends and [G] me.
[G7] He was [C] old when I first met him, and a [G] gentle kindred soul
To the [C] ones like me who [G] loved to hear his tales of long [D] ago;
He told [G] how this land was [G7] conquered by the [C] gleam of Viking [G] gold,
When they [C] sailed with Lief the [G] Lucky from their [D] land of endless [G] cold.

[G7] And we'd [C] walk to where he always liked to [G] be,
To a hill above the barrens 'tween the [Am] Jack Pine and the [D] sea;
There we'd [G] rest upon the [G7] stones in the [C] place he called his [G] throne,
[C] Surveying all the [G] kingdom of the [D] Last-King Joey [G] Jones.

Like the Roanoke colonials who were lost without a trace,
No one knows the fateful ending of that ancient Viking race;
But I found myself believing in an old man's simple claim,
To be the last lord ruling from the Maritimes to Maine.
"When my last day is upon me," said my King-without-a-crown,
"For the honor of my Fathers I can't rest on Christian ground;
For if Jesus comes to greet me, well, I'm sure He'd understand
For Odin ruled the Vikings and from Him I take command."
"Let me lie where I've always liked to be!
Let my spirit greet the morning as it rises from the sea!
Let a cairn of native stone and the wind which sings and moans
Bear witness to the resting place of the Last-King Joey Jones!"

I won't tell you how we found him, or the oath my friends all swore;
How we climbed that hill together with the burden we all bore
He just disappeared one evening is the tale most often told,
Leaving army medals and mysterious coins of gold.
Maybe Joe was crazy but that doesn't change a thing,
If the good were meant to lead us he'd have had my vote for King!
Though he's mostly now forgotten, still I climb this hill alone,
Singing "Skoal, to the Northland and to Good-King Joey Jones!"

For he lies where he always liked to be,
Where the rays of endless morning come rising from the sea;
Goodbye, Joey Jones, Lord of all this land of stones,
Goodnight, my friend, goodbye King Joey Jones

By whatever name He's known, may God bless these weary bones?
Goodnight, 'till we all rise with endless morning.


Our daughter has good taste. ::):Practicing it for the retreat.


The Auld Grump

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Was National Parchment Paper Day

And National Snap A Photo Day



Achievement  Unlocked!:

I posted a photo of my use of parchment paper, in the kitchen, to microwave-bake a chicken pot pie. Link to pic:



Two celebrations in one post. And in answer to the backstop question of the day I posted in the absence of Haldir.  (Almost like I planned it.) Anybody spotted @haldir lately? Is he UA? :unsure:


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