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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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Call of the day:


Reported Problem: Debit card reader wouldn't work. 

Cause: Windows update locked up computer on restart

Time on call until problem was resolved: ~12 minutes
Actual time to diagnose & fix: <5 minutes


Secondary problem: Could not log into transaction database due to network settings

Time on call until that was resolved ~24 minutes

Actual time to diagnose & fix: <5 minutes


Total time on call: 53 minutes


Why so long? 

Remaining time on call was a) listening to customer recite entire problem history of site (inaccurately, I might add) multiple times,  b) trying to get a word in edgewise and c) having to explain the same things multiple times. 

Worst part? This problem is covered under the customer's annual maintenance fee, so it's pointless to even try and bill him - all I can do is note it in the ticket.  


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Back to decent consciousness. One mushroom shape polyp removed and off to pathology. Had a solid brunch then slept off the anesthesia before putting in a few hours of work. Have to start using vacation for medical stuff as I used up my yearly medical leave on the wife’s cancer. I have it running out of my ears due to the last two years. Or just make up the time by working late. 


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