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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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4 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Whaaaaat? I haven't even fully gotten 5th yet, and now they're going to go and change it all again?


3 hours ago, haldir said:

What I've seen it's more or less a 5.5. It's not anther edition per se, but they are making backwards compatible. Heck, even the playtest, has references to the 5e Player's Handbook. It'll be 2024 when the new Player's Handbook releases.


yeah, been hearing bits and pieces for a while from various sources, It sounds like they want to try to move D&D into a "Living ruleset" sort of thing and try to keep things as compatible as possible. 
the playtest rules released today can be dropped into the 5th edition rules, and essentially just replace races and backgrounds. 

Races aren't too much changed from Mordenkanianen's style races, minimial racial abilities, ability score changes are now removed entirely from race and are now part part of your background instead,

Half elf/half orc aren't specific races anymore, instead half-breed humanoid races pick any two humanoid races as their parents/ancestory, pick one of them to be the one they get their racial traits from, and then mix and match physical characteristics as they see fit. 

As for backgrounds, they've removed background abilities.  Instead you're directed to pick ability scores, skill and tool proficiencies, feat, languages and equipment based on your background concept, then they give a bunch of background examples with selections made.

It feels very formulaic, perhaps a bit dry, but not unlike other RPG systems I've played that were a bit more free form in character stats, but I don't see anything breaking or that would interfere with the other rules yet.

Edit, I did see something that I don't care for.  They've created a section for a 'd20 test' which includes 'ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws' and then expressly says rolling a 1 always fails and rolling a 20 always succeedes...
In the past... natural 20 ONLY auto succedes on an attack roll.  skill tests could have a DC so high that even rolling a natural 20 wasn't enough to succeed.  

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11 hours ago, kristof65 said:

So if this guy was actual size (IE, 1:1 scale), what would his clothes be made of?



Reaper Gremlin, for the record.


10 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Belly button lint.


10 hours ago, kristof65 said:

So I was thinking candy wrappers, and that I would paint him and his brothers accordingly. 


Rummaged around and found some wrappers, then cut the small pieces to the size that their clothes would be made of, and it pretty much comes down to solid colors.

Tissue paper/toilet paper/paper towels (all clean and unused). Clothes dryer lint. Dust bunnies. Weaved stray/pet hair. Aluminum foil. Plastic wrappers.


If your home floor is suddenly unusually clean, or your recycling bin has been rummaged through. It means gremlins came to scavenge and harvest.



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Reminder! RTB Pro Tips will not be on today through next Thursday as Anne is out of town going to get her new puppy 😍 She should return on Friday the 26th, but if anything changes I'll update here! 🖤

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5 hours ago, TGP said:

Why does lemonade need caffeine?  Who would even think to do that??


On top of that, the ads in the store bragged about it being plant-based caffeine. Uh, yeah, all caffeine is plant based. It's too cheap and easy to obtain from plants to even consider making synthetic caffeine. 

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From Reaper Discord.

Related to Guindyloo's post above:



ReaperJon — Today at 11:25 AM

@STREAMING - Also on top of the above message, Reaper Land will be not happening today, some house stuff came up that requires urgency on Justins part and Dave is busy with Ed things! - Reaper Errant will still be happening later tonight like normal!



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What a week ... technically, not done yet.




Last week, Andi gets a call. 'Congratulations! We've selected YOU for the next available surgery slot!' ... which, realistically, is what it felt like to be told that the surgery for his left eye has finally been scheduled; and we need to go jump through a bunch of hoops, but we don't actually know what time the surgery will be....

I had a few things to say about that.


But, whatever, fine, we get the preliminaries out of the way and Wednesday, I haul him down there and am told, 'this is going to take a while, here's the itinerary, we'll call you'. .. okay. I looked at the itinerary, muttered something vaguely rude, and.. went home, because I'm not hanging around the city all day, and that's what I would have been doing. Promised call from surgeon does not happen. Not a great sign. I show up, about half an hour earlier than they said they'd discharge him, and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, about an hour after they said they'd push him out, I get a call. Not from the surgeon, from one of the nurses... can I come up? ... yah, sure. Now, of course, my anxiety's in full roiling panic mode, because, y'know. Late... 

But I get up there, and.. well. It's a finicky surgery. They're trying to get his retina to lay flat, and it's complicated! So they ran long. And his heart did some things that freaked them out near the end of it (he didn't get his meds, and apparently, going off them suddenly can do that... *sigh* not that I knew that). Right. Now I'm wondering if they're just going to shuttle him over to a room, and I'll come back for him in the morning.. but, no, they think he's okay, I can take him home. They put a scopolamine patch on him, he should be okay....



we spent Thursday in the ER, because he had one of the bad side effects of the scopolamine (never letting them give him that one again), and between that and he doesn't get along with the general at all, it was an entire clusterflop. He wasn't keeping water down, and anything that absorbed wasn't going out like it should have. That got sorted. I poured broth into him and put him to bed; he needed sleep more than anything else right then... 


He's feeling better now, but neither of us has actually slept very well, and he managed to not eat at all for pretty much two days ... I'm about ready to yeet a doctor (not the surgeon; or her team .. this is a different doctor). Since it wouldn't help, I'm sitting on it, but. Oh, am I not happy.


.. we're just going to top all that with warm, muggy weather and hovering cloud-cover that's not actually dumping moisture, but is wreaking hell with my sinus' and pollen allergies.


I am more than ready for things to settle down and stop being a series of minor catastrophes now. >.<


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I watched Bob Ross paint for a little while today. 


I was waiting for Reaperland to happen. 


Bob painted the giant-most hugest cabins I have ever seen. 

He did a Central Park scene. They sure have huge cabins in New York City. @knarthex would know I guess. 


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Stardate: 20220819



My First actual meal-on-a-plate since The Sickness happened today. Not much of a much. Nothing to rival them wolfses at W.O.O.F HQ for sure, but! food on a plate. (Yay?)


Beef Tips with gravy, Garlic-Pepper-Rosemary (instant) Mashed  Potatoes, and most of a Roma Tomato. 

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