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Randomness XVIII: Ex-Vee-Triple-Eye

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On 11/18/2022 at 9:38 AM, haldir said:


Reminds me of a story one of the dairy/milk vendors told me as he was finishing up delivering the milk load one night. Some kid asked him where does ice cream come from, his response. "Oh, they freeze the cows." with a straight face. 


I once had a trucker ask me if all the aluminum decking fits back in the trailer after we wash it. I had to fight the urge to tell him that, no, sometimes it absorbs too much water, swells up and we have to go for coffee for half an hour while we wait for it to dry out. 

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On 11/18/2022 at 2:21 PM, kristof65 said:

Moving on - I need some movie recommendations.   I need some inspiration for my Traveller game, and I want to watch a movie or two about someone who stumbled into a conspiracy or evidence of a crime by a friend, trusted co-worker, etc.   The only one I can think of off the top of my head right now is Ghost and that's not quite what I'm looking for. 

I'm going with @TGP's idea that the missing mom is hiding out in a shipyard - actually, I think I'm going to make it a ship junkyard, but close enough.  Just trying to figure out what she stumbled into. Since she was some sort of financial analyst or advisor, some sort of financial crime or conspiracy makes the most sense - and I know there are some movies out there about that same sort of thing. 


 Not quite what you're looking for, but the one that popped into my head was Snake Eyes, with Nicolas Cage and Gary Sinise...


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Wednesday's Dinner

Mushroom Risotto with Bacon with grilled Balsamico Chicken on top




Thursday's Dinner


T-Bone Steak, Tomatoes with Feta from the Oven, Parsnip with Honey, Thyme and Pecan Nuts from the Oven, Sauteed Chanterelles with Red Bell Peppers and Potato Gratin.




Friday's Dinner


Pasta ( Fussili) with Zuchinni, Mushrooms, Red Bell Peppers and Minced Beef  in a Tomato Sauce with Grated Cheese.




Friday's Dinner


Boerenkool Stamppot ( Kale Mashed with Potatoes)  with Bacon and Smoked Sausauge and Mustard.



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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I'm  looking forward to this being a short week, and having a long weekend. My company gives us Thanksgiving and the day after off, and I'll be taking an extra day next Monday.


I actually get 2 days in a row off without asking for them, which is rarity in my work schedule. With our loads all messed up due to the holiday (store/company trying to get as many loads to the stores before the holiday), my normally scheduled nights off are Weds & Fri nights. I'll be working all the way to Weds night week, but I'll get Thurs & Friday night off instead. I don't mind, I mean it does kill my weekly FLGS game night as I don't think I can work that morning, have the game at 6 pm to 930ish pm, then work at midnight Weds night. Nah, better just call it.


Hopefully Saturday game runs, seems like it's been forever since we've done that one. 

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On 11/20/2022 at 3:07 AM, Mad Jack said:


 Not quite what you're looking for, but the one that popped into my head was Snake Eyes, with Nicolas Cage and Gary Sinise...




So far I have watched:

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon 2

The International

The Parallax Effect

The Weekend Away

New Jack City

Several on my list were not available to stream for free, so I am headed to the library today to find them. 

I'm currently working on my timeline of events for the missing mom, Valeri: (spoilered for length)

  • mid September - while doing an audit of accounts for her employer after a law enforcement raid at two of their client's warehouses, Valeri discovered a whole set of suspicious, yet unrelated accounts and activity.  Not sure what to do with the data, she talks to her co-worker and boyfriend, Sven about them. Sven explains the discrepancies she found with plausible sounding reasoning.  Since he has much more experience in the field, she agrees no further action is needed.
  • Later on, as she mulls over what she found, and the explanations Sven gave her, she is still bothered by them, and so sets up some programs to monitor the account activity and alert her. 
  • Sven, who has been laundering money for the Syndicate, panics and adjusts the accounts to fix the discrepancies, and moves the laundering to a different set of accounts that Valeri shouldn't have access to. He was smart enough to not use his own log in.  Valeri's monitoring programs alert her to everything. 
  • September 25th. With the dawning realization that Sven may be involved in the account discrepancies, Valeri confides in her BFF, Kasaty.  Kasaty doesn't have much of an understanding of the financial details, but tells Valeri that it doesn't sound like the Sven she knows. 
  • September 26th-28th. Valeri prepares her evidence for presentation to her firm's legal department and possibly the CIB (local equivalent to FBI).  She discusses this with Kasaty over lunch on the 27th. 
  • September 27th. Kasaty and Sven have their weekly rendezvous for late night drinks and hanky panky.  Yep, The boyfriend and best friend have been sleeping together for awhile now. Kasaty lets slip what Valeri is up to. 
  • September 28th. Panicking, Sven manipulates the accounts and log in data to make Valeri the fall guy for her own investigation.  But while Sven may be brilliant with finances, he is not as good with computers as Valeri is.  Her monitoring programs alert her to all of the changes. 
  • September 29th. Freaking out, Valeri reverses the changes that implicate her, then leaves work early to go have a chat with her BFF.  Upon arriving at Kasaty's place, she witnesses, Sven and Kasaty sharing a passionate kiss.  Devastated, she calls her office to see if she can get her meeting bumped up.  Reception tells her that a CIB agent is there inquiring about her and currently talking to legal.  Valeri decides to go home and change before heading into the office. Upon arriving at her condo, she catches glimpses of Sven's good friend Mateo, a local cop, watching her place. She's now certain that Sven has set her up to take the fall. She panics, goes to her bank and withdraws several thousand credits, then head to a hotel where she registers under her former married name. 
  • September 30th. Valeri is officially fired.  Holed up in her hotel room, Valeri is not sure who to reach out to for help. She finally decides her best bet is her ex-husband's ex-girlfriend, Sugar, since they had got on well, and it was someone that Sven and Kasaty had never met. Sugar agrees to help, and insists that Valeri come stay with her. Valeri abandons her hand terminals at the hotel, while prepaying for a few more days. 
  • October 1st. Valeri makes another withdrawal from her bank. This is the last time anyone reports seeing her.   Sugar introduces Valeri to her brother, Watari. Wateri runs a tug between the world and a scrapyard at the L3 point of a nearby moon.  He agrees to hide Valeri on a tug his firm has mothballed at the scrapyard. 
  • October 3rd. Watari runs Valeri out to the scrapyard. 

This all I have on the timeline so far - I have to run it out until Oct 20th, when the PCs show up and probably a little beyond.  I do have more events that are going to happen between the 1st and the 20th, just not sure of the timing:  Kasaty files missing person report.   Kasaty dies, probably on accident by Sven, but considering other alternatives.  Two apparent law enforcement types search Valeri's home - not sure if they're local cops, CIB and/or Syndicate.  Kasaty's body will be found. 

Other things I "know".  Sven's cop friend, Mateo, is dirty.  Mateo made Valeri's missing person's report disappear. The CIB agent really wants to talk to Valeri - right now the agent is playing the angle that Valeri is the perp he's after, but the truth is that Sven is his target - he'd been monitoring Sven's activities for months before Valeri's investigation came along.  Kasaty's body will initially be mistaken for Valeri's, as the two women are of similar build.  Valeri is currently freaking out even more - when this whole debacle went down, she was quite relieved that her kids were with their dad, and not due back for two months - the only way for her to find out if her kids are OK is to come out of hiding. 

So with the PCs arrival, they've stirred the hornet's nest. I've decided they're going to be approached by four people, all of whom are also looking for Valeri, and concerned for her safety:

- The boyfriend, Sven. He wants to know how much she knows. 

- The dirty cop, Mateo. He's been hired by the Syndicate to kill her. 

- The ex's ex, Sugar. She wants to reunite Valeri with her kids, and get the PCs help in getting Valeri free. 

- The CIB agent. He wants her as a witness. 

None of those people are going to be honest with the PCs up front though for different reasons. If they trust the wrong one, Valeri will end up dead. 


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<sigh> paraphrasing a conversation I'm currently having: 

Customer: The printer is not working!

Me: What happens when you do X? What happens when you do Y? What happens when you do Z?

Customer: the printer is not working!!

Me: I understand that, but what happens when you do X? What happens when you do Y? 

Customer: the printer is not working!!!

Me: I get that, but in order to troubleshoot to the problem, I need to know what happens when you do X? 

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