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Received my replacement parts... what is that, a week?

The missing right arm is holding a suitcase with a biohazard symbol. Fun. And a whole new rocker mini. Before and after? Totally different and unrelated? I'm going for b, though it would be nice if the material was more forgiving, and the mini not as small to make any changes more feasible. Probably only capable of doing a different paint job.  Will see when I can fit 4 more minis in.


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Toddler dumped paint on the camera/media guy so I'm going to have to redo him unless I call him caked in mud. Might touch up a few others here also when I do thr next batch in unknown time. Seriously 2 weeks of painting 6 months apart is it.

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Posted (edited)

So I touched up the camera guy. He can stay "muddy" though. Then touched up fixer 's pants (snakeskin jacket) and pinstripes on the suit (visible in hand not sure about photos yet).

Strap on the keytarist, and some highlights on the manager and the singer... so everybody. They'll also get a seal tomorrow


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A little bit more but it's hard because thr minis are tiny and I can't focus my camera enough.

Later these will get sealed and put away.

My other cyberpunk minis are washed so I might be able to do a quick weekend paint to finish them up. That'll give me 6 months for my backdrop



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Did a lot today because the roku wasn't working.


1 lots of fiddly bits. Lots of green in this one too... can you guess where? Definitely don't think the sculptor is a musician or looked at any reference pics  stuff doesn't make sense. Might do a fee more touch-ups


2 he needs a glue


3 She needs a glue


4 Not sure what color to do the " press" text on his pant leg. Kinda makes me think of cyber Tintin. Wish he had a robot dog. Need to find flight bases from the Bones... 3? 4?


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I finally went to glue the minis and there's no reason these should be multi part. Too tiny and stuff wouldn't fit and the couriers arm broke at the wrist whole I was holding it in place and my hands got covered in glue. From now on I will be trashing any minis that need gluing, or better, not buying them. Just feel awful wasting my non existent painting time ruining stuff with the assembly.

Ugh stuff is wrecked and thr from ate my long post. From now on I will be trashing or not huying any small mini that needs glue because I hate wasting non  existent paint time on stuff that breaks while I try to glue it because it's too mini and doesn't need to be multi part.

This mini can no longer happen


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