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That was the dry fit.

I took a break and managed to get stuff glued. Not happy with it,  but whatever.

The couriers arm couldn't be positioned properly because of the wrist break ( which broke 3 more times when I tried to re-glue.) so it's off a bit.

I stand by my statement on too small minis that need unnecessary gluing... especially if they are brittle


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Toddler was messing around and accidentally broke the head off one of the minis. That's an easy glue.

More annoying is the leg break for my replacement rocker guitarist. Exact same place as the original broke in package. It's a weak joint and a bad sculpt. It's hanging by a thread. But I don't know how-to securely glue such a small joint. Or how to clean ip the pegs so it'll fit in the accompanying base. I wanted these minis and they're expensive and fiddly and a disappointment. Do not recommend.

I like the MFC terrain, but not the minis.

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