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What Alon Painted in November


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Thanks all. Extremely kind words from a bunch of people whose work has been a big inspiration for me.


On 12/6/2021 at 6:31 PM, Chaoswolf said:

Very nice work all around!


I've been eyeing those Ender Toys buildings for a while now.  What do you think of them? Any assembly issues? 


They're worth it, I'd say.  Short review?  Perfect if you value form over function for your terrain, overall good compromise if you're willing to put some labor into them, definitely are nicer looking options if the time and budget allow.


Long review?



 -  Cheap.  Four buildings for less than a single building will run you through Etsy and waaay less than ordering from Europe or something (...those urbanmatz buildings haunt my dreams...)

 -  Fast Delivery.  Arrived in under a week.

 -  No assembly.  Everything came ready to use out of the box.

 -  Durable. If you didn't glue on a bunch of junk like I did you could easily toss these in a box to take to a store/convention.

 -  The scale issues from the reviews are overplayed.  Yes, would love the houses to be bigger (the smallest on in particular would be little more than a shed) but reaper models look completely reasonable beside them.



 -  No texture to speak of.  Tried to get creative with paint to compensate (blotched on the daub parts, painted exaggerated wood grain)

 -  VERY boxy.  Model looks a little unnaturally, perfectly, square.  Door looks less like it's built into the wall and more like it's a different part of the wall.


Ultimately I'd like to get some of those nicer options as well and then use these less expensive options to fill in space if I were to go whole hog with a cityscape. 

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