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HeroQuest (2021) Core Box from Avalon Hill (COMPLETED 2023-05-26)


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I'm starting to think I really don't want to work on my Genestealers.


But, I'll use my desire for Genestealer evasion to continue to work on HeroQuest!


I've completed the Gargoyle and the Fimir Abominations, and gotten a fair bit done on the Chaos Dread Warriors.1066574395_HQAbomination1.JPG.c4889c5da6c49e829b5be41ba30d29b1.JPG242764600_HQAbomination4.JPG.1d57b6e9f9abea24d344369b72f52528.JPG




The scales are Tarnished Steel, True Silver, and Sophie Silver.  The flesh is Bloodstain Red, Clotted Red, and Carnage Red.  I went with a couple half-formed theories about deep sea critters.  The silver reflects light in the transitional layers, and I've read (it might be true, it might not) that many deep sea critters are red because the red waves of light don't penetrate that deep--so it doesn't matter that they're red.  The loincloth is Stormy Grey, Cloudy Grey, Rainy Grey, and one of the three starts at Cloudy and goes through Misty Grey.  The starfish are the Bright Skin Triad.  The barnacles don't show well in these photos, but they're the classic Bone Colors triad.  The claws and spines are Ivory Bone, and the teeth were the Neutral Bone triad.  The harpoons are just your basic Gold metallics triad.






Here we have the third Abomination (same as the others) and the Gargoyle.  The Gargoyle is just Pure Black used to deepen the Stone Greys triad.  The body and wings started with Pure Black, the spines and claws were taken up through the Weathered Stone.


So that's four more finished, and another four getting closer with the Dread Warriors.







I've still got a way to go on the DWs, so I'm not going to blast out all the pictures.  The first two are just Gold and Silver triads, the "skirt" and inside of the cape are the Twilight Colors triads.  The breastplates are going to be the Gory Reds triad--also used for the inside of the mouth on the shields.  I haven't quite figured out how the shields are going to go just yet.


DW three in a pinky-coppery look is Rose Gold, Sophie Champagne, and Sophie Silver.  DW four is Old Bronze, Clockwork Brass, and Pirate Gold.  The backs of the capes are being done to bring them into alignment with various evil (D&D) dragons as modified for my own game world (the standard Blue and White have switched colors--white dragons live in the desert, blue dragons live in the arctic).


The red will come from the Mythic set.  I had originally thought about doing each DW up in the style of a particular GW Chaos god, but eventually decided against it in favor of low-rent dragon "highlords."  I hope to get these four finished in the next couple days.


Thanks for dropping by!

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I finished these late last night, and didn't get around to taking pictures until this evening.


All-in-all, I'm semi-pleased with the way the Dread Warriors turned out.  I should have put a little more effort into the color layouts.








On reflection, I think I should have painted the face on the armor in the same colors as the capes.  I'm also not sure that the Ivory worked on the shields.  Every time I look at it, I think about the Darkstalkers video game which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't preferred J. Talbain over Bishamon.  :lol:


Now to decide whether to pursue the Skeletons and Zombies or the Orcs...


Thanks for dropping by!

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The shields give them an unified look as if they belong to the same army/faction.

I like the ivory / bone parts of the shield, if you find it to harsh you could wash it with a diluted brown maybe.


UNDEAD! ( but I may  be a tad prejudiced there)

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15 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

The shields give them an unified look as if they belong to the same army/faction.

I like the ivory / bone parts of the shield, if you find it to harsh you could wash it with a diluted brown maybe.


UNDEAD! ( but I may  be a tad prejudiced there)


Thank you, sir!


I think I'm leaving the ivory as is.  It's harsh, but that was sort of the point.  I've got some head-logic about various things that would explain it, anyway.  I've got all sorts of half-thought out explanations for various things.  I mean, I've already made the blue dragons white and the white dragons blue why not make the evil dragon deity purple in her single-headed guise?


Then it shall be the undead: four skeletons, two zombies, and one lich-like sorcerer!

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Got some gumption up tonight, and did something productive!




Examples of the Zombies (x2) and Skeletons (x4) after priming.  I'm using a mixture of Wash Medium, Black Primer, and Grey Liner.  It seems to work fairly well.




I've gotten a good start on the Dread Sorcerer.  Vampire Flesh for the flesh, NMM Gold for the yellow trim, Dark Elf Skin for the under-robes and hood.  The red for the robes is the HD Deadrose Red, and Old West Rose.  I plan on putting on Ashen Rose for the final highlight--I'm not sure if I'll mix in some Old West to keep the jump from being too stark.


I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing for the DS's ornamentation and staff.  I'm not even sure if it should be gold or silver.  I wouldn't normally be taking photos of these stages, but I found myself wanting to document the progress on the Sorcerer.


Thanks for dropping by!

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A day or two off, and I'm back at it.




Not much progress on the Dread Sorcerer, but important progress.  I've followed the general scheme for the robes onto the collar/accoutrements. The staff has received Rotting Wood and a drybrush of Heartwood Brown.  I just need to get the crown, top and bottom of the staff, and his jewelry done.  Most of those will be metallics, so it's a matter of gold vs. silver and whether or not I want to use something a little more exotic.


The Skeletons have gotten their start with Rotting Wood and Heartwood Brown on their scythes.  The bones have received their base coat of Bone Shadow, and the inner parts of the armor plates will be the Warm Green triad (starting with Pine Green).  Again the sculptors have turned up the details to 11, and should have stopped about seven.  The details in many places are so incredibly shallow and soft that it can get fairly frustrating trying to paint it.




But on to the finished Zombies!  Well, I may need to re-ring the bases.  And I forgot about the sword hilts.  OK, they're not-quite-finished.  *sigh*  Tomorrow night, I guess.


The trousers (and the trousers are textured) and shield front are the Vivid Blue triad (Ritterlich Blue, Brilliant Blue, Cyan Blue).  The sash is Blood Colors (Red Brick, Deep Red, Blood Red).  The skin was done with the Terran Khaki triad on the brownish one, and with Cloudy Grey, Rainy Grey, and Misty Grey on the other.  And now, when I get to Return of the Witch Lord, I'm going to have to do half the zombies in grey and half in khaki.  I think both shades ended up being reasonably effective.


Thanks for dropping by!

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Well, February was pretty much a complete derailment.  I was making good progress early in the month and then...well, "things" happened.  I did manage to wrap up the Chaos, err..."Dread" Sorcerer and the Skeletons, though.




Not much to say about the DS and his tiny, tiny head.  I kind of like him.  I'm already thinking ahead to the alternate from the Mythic set, and how I'm going to paint her up.  





And this is AFTER I took the Skeletons to some hot water and "reset" them a bit.  I'm not looking forward to eight more of these, but I think I've hit most of the bumps in the road, so there should be fewer surprises (like the wraps under the vambraces and the wraps on the scythes, and the fur under the vambraces...).  I tried to go for a uniform look to make it seem like Zargon recycles.



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Has it been almost three weeks already?


I guess so.  It didn't feel like that long.  Another eight models down, only four more to go out of the core!


Still lots of little details on the models, difficulty with shallow/soft detail, tiny heads (especially on the male orcs), etc.




Two female Orcs armed with a mace.




Two female orcs with swords.




Two male orcs with tiny heads...err...and axes.


And finally...




Two male orcs with swords.  I guess I forgot to take a picture of their fronts, but you get the idea.  Maybe I'll get another shot tomorrow, but everything is put away at the moment.


The orc skin was done with the Brilliant Greens triad lowered with Green Shadow and boosted with Moth Green (the highlights on the second brightest orcs were done with a 2:1 of Moth Green and Viper Green.  The armor was worked up with the Silver Metallics (so many edges, so...many...edges...) triad lowered with Adamantium Black on four of them.  The loin clothes are a combination of the Warm Deep Browns and Warm Light Browns triads.  I really love the progression on those two triads, and find that they join quite nicely.  The belts and straps were painted with the Red Browns triad.  The weapons are all the Natural Steel triad and Gold Metallics on the details.  I thought about mixing it up a bit, but wanted to make sure I had a little more unity among them.


The eyes and teeth were very tiny.  I was originally going to use three or even four colors for the eyes, but realized that you really couldn't see them.  So I just went with Midnight Blue on all the eyes.  It might as well be Pure Black.  My hands just aren't steady enough to hit those beady little eyes consistently.  The teeth are Bone Shadow and Polished bone.  There's simply no point to try to do all three colors, and really the only reason why I hit the teeth with Bone Shadow was to give the Polished bone something to grip.  I probably should have just used Aged Bone instead of the Polished as I feel that the tiny, tiny teeth are just a bit too bright.


On to the Heroes!


Thanks for dropping by!

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This thread will close soon! 


I took the day off today (4 day weekend!), and wrapped up the Elves, touched up some bases, and so forth. It also marks the first six completed minis of the Mythic Tier!

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Last, but not least, we have the HeroQuest heroes!


One thing I did learn is that the red plastic used for the heroes is almost the exact shade of red that Delta Ceramcoat call "Rooster Red"!


I don't feel like going through the colors I used.  But, should anyone have a burning desire, I do have them noted and will happily answer any questions.


I skipped the eyes this go-round.  They're so small that I can't really see them, anyway.


All the models are detail-rich, which makes it a shame that they're a soft plastic.





The Barbarians have the only sculpted bases in the set.  That's a curious design choice.


Nothing special of note, here. 





The Dwarf's hair was done in Reaper's new "oxide" triad.  It's nice to have another option for redheads!





I wasn't sure how the tabard/loin cloth would work, but I think it's pretty decent.  I'm really hoping it says "phoenix" and not "dragon."  I wasn't sure about painting the yellow for the legs and beak, but it was the right choice.


and Wizard:



Nothing special to really note on Wizard.  The inside of the cape is Adamantium Black in "raised" areas and Pure Black in the recesses.


So that, as they say, is that!  The core box is done and I've made a start on the Mythic Expansion as well!d

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