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A Glob of Goblins (77349, 77444, 77445)


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love the Earthy-Green skin tones and all the expressions on their faces you brought out , every one is unique.


My favorite, hard to say with 3 pages to choose from. Probably the war band by Ben Siens in the Dark Heaven lineup. I think there's at least 3 sets that give you 10 figures

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What about the orange mold??? My vast collection is plagued with occasional lead rot and metal sprouting unexpected crystals that totally ruin a paint job...and I'm sure mold is not far behind, having just left the tropics after living there 13 years.

Anyone else encounter mold? If so, ways to prevent it?


(Nice goblins, too.)

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4 hours ago, Uglylilpup said:

What about the orange mold??? 

The mold is an ongoing situation.

I've been documenting it in THIS THREAD HERE.


At this point I believe the common denominator is the baking soda I use for basing. I don't know what the orange stuff is, or why it's happening, or how to prevent it. I have yet to find another person with this problem. 

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