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Dan's foamy adventures. (AKA Foam based terrain)

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I am a big fan of the hotwire templates and jigs from 'Dungeons by Hand', especially their shingle jigs, but I just couldn't justify the price, the full set of 5 jigs costs $70 whilst shipping to the UK is a further $50+ (for what is essentially a few strips of plywood).  So I did what all good cheapskates do, I had a go at making my own! 


I sketched out the design on a piece of graph paper, transferred it to a piece of plywood and carefully cut it out.  It may not be as fancy as the 'Dungeons by Hand' or 'Shifting Lands' templates, but with a couple of thumb tacks to stop the foam slipping it works just as well (and it only cost me a couple of £ for a sheet of plywood!), so I plan to make a bunch more in different designs with the remaining wood.









I recently started little gothic crypt as my next foam based project.  It is not my own design, it is based on the Cemetery Chapel by Fantasy Forge Miniatures.  The building is made almost entirely from XPS foam, the door is made from foamcore, and the windows are 3D prints that I sourced online.  I used ultraviolet resin to add 'glass' to the window frames, it was my first time using the UV stuff but I was really impressed, it sets in 20 seconds (as opposed to the 24 hours my old resin used to take).   Today I started work on the roof (thanks to my new shingle template!) and I am now nearing completion, I just need to add some minor detailing before I start painting. 



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On 1/22/2022 at 2:53 PM, Glitterwolf said:

you're a master builder!


On 1/22/2022 at 11:02 PM, Neatpete said:

Another great one!


Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.



I managed to get a bit more work done this week.  I added an iron railing along the edge of the roof, I had a few unused wall panels from the Reaper cemetery set, and simply snipped away the metal railings and glued them to the roof.  I also started work on the brickwork, I did not want bland grey stone, preferring a more natural 'old church look'.  And so I under painted all of the bricks in various shades of brown. 




To tie the stonework together and make the bricks look more organic and uniform,  I went over the whole piece with a sepia wash, before giving a light drybrush with a khaki and then an off-white cream colour, which worked quite well.  I also started work on the slate roof, I still have quite a bit of weathering work to do on that, in order to tie it in with the brick work, but I am fairly pleased with how things are turning out.


I have not glued the windows in place yet, they are just dry fitted to see how the look, I still need to paint the window frames so that they blend into stonework, as well as fill a few gaps and paint the railing.



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I got caught up with the crafting bug after my last post, and ended up knuckling down and powering through to get finished.   I dirtied up the roof and added some rust streaks coming down from the metal roof trim.  I painted the railings and metal trim by stippling some browns and oranges over a silver base to rust them up.  I also did the same with the window frames and the metal detailing in the door.  The base was a quick job, I had already cut it to size, fitted the LEDs and applied the grass the night before, so it was just a case of gluing the building down and adding some plants to spruce it up.  The plants were a mix of flower tufts, dried plants from DioramaPrecepe and bushes that I had made myself using polyfibre and model railway leaves.














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The last project was a bit of a practice piece to try and get the aesthetic right for a larger church build.  Today I started work on that church, the building style is pretty much identical to the crypt but on a much larger scale.  The only real change is the addition of a tower, and a different style of window (these are laser cut wooden windows from Shifting Lands), I have some transparent plastic sheeting with a stained glass pattern which I plan to back off the windows with.


Overall a pretty productive day!





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