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Makes me want to say an S word (sword)


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I'm leaning on to ask for help here folks.  I don't know how i want to make this sword look. I didn't want to do metallic, but i think with the gun being metal already, maybe just going with steel? I just don't know.  


Help me!





the sword color i think matters.  I've seen blue power swords, but it would clash with my chosen colors i think.  Not sure how to proceed.


Here's one of his buddies. 



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It's like one part Emporer's Children (pre-Heresy) and two parts Salamanders!  ::D:


Metallic is always an option for power swords--at least in my opinion.  But there are always options in how bright/dark you can go, or even if you want to shift it into a color.  I wouldn't worry overmuch about overloading the mini with it.  But you could, for example, use a darker metallic, then hit it with a black wash to try and mute the sparkle a bit more, or just use a light drybrush to give it a bit of pop.  Maybe even do a custom mix.


You could also back off on the metallic on the bolters by painting the shroud in a color that goes with your scheme (my first reaction would be to try the green).  I think this is Heresy-era Terminator armor (but my knowledge is spotty after 1994 or so, except for a brief re-engagement during fifth ed.).  I was going to make a point with this, but I forget what that point was.   Sorry.


However, if you want to go a little nuts, there is/was a user over on the Bolter and Chainsword who ran Night Lords (chaos)--Night Lords being known for their dark armor bedecked with lightning.  Not zig-zag, cartoon thunderbolts, but actual lightning designs across their entire armor.  Do a Google search for Brother Nihm lightning tutorial.  I've seen folks use similar methods for power weapons.

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Your main colors on the mini are purple and yellow, I would go with one of those. But...

Yellow is already making a upper triangle and purple is unbalanced on the left (right on the pic).
The best option, IMHO, would be to swap the colors on the legs painting the right one in purple and the left one in black; you may then paint the sword as a purple power sword, and it will make a lower triangle, balancing the colors on the mini.

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