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December Newsletter! 12/16


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It’s getting colder in ReaperLand, but we’re thankful we have a lot of work to keep us warm this Holiday season! If you make an order on www.reapermini.com this season, make sure to leave a comment in your order notes. It might just persuade one of our shop elves to add a lump of coal to your order! (Best of luck to you!) 

Next week is our annual company Christmas party complete with ugly sweaters and a stocking exchange. We’ll have photos from the festivities up on our socials soon after!
We’d like to give a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of our customers for another great year! From starting in a two-car garage with one spin caster to where we are now is no small feat, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people over the years. So, let’s finish off 2021 with good tidings as we pass the threshold into 2022…Reaper’s 30th Anniversary!


Free Shipping Minimum Changing in 2022

Starting January 1, 2022, the minimum order for free shipping on all USA orders placed on reapermini.com will be raised from $40 to $50. We’ve held this line for years, but as global prices have increased on shipping and raw materials, we simply need to adjust our policies.


However, we are not adjusting the minimum for our free monthly promotional items. Orders of $40 and up will still be eligible for free promotional miniatures each month.


Available now
Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures

44149 Henchmen and Hirelings Boxed Set $34.99 
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson; studio models painted by Aaron Lovejoy.

During The Great Warehouse Find of 2021, we found some long-dormant items! This Bones Mega-Weapons Pack is now for sale or you may choose it as one of your December promotional models with any purchase of $40+ of stuff on Reapermini.com! [weapons pack images]
Bones Mega-Weapons Pack $19.99

Monday, December 13th 

Bones Black Plastic Fantasy Miniatures

44151 Crypt of the Dwarf King Boxed Set $39.99

“The lore of the Dwarven Kings speaks of the stern and wise Durnan Bronzebeard who, in ancient days, ruled the Deep Fortress of Khollodur. In the year of Frozen Harps (807 NA) the King was stricken with madness and fury so fervid he abruptly rose up and slew all his family and closest thanes. He roamed the galleries of Khollodur slaying all he encountered until at last he was felled by the arrows of his own kin. The innocent blood of his victims cried out to the gods and Khollodur was cursed and eventually abandoned. Now, centuries later, the King’s descendants have ventured back to the ruins of Khollodur, intent on cleansing their honor and reclaiming their ancestral fortress. But the ghost of King Durnan is said to still roam its passages…”

Sculpted by Tom Mason   

Dwarf kings crypt 1.jpg

New Restock of Pizza Dungeon Dice!  

All Pizza Dungeon Dice are now back in stock! Each set of Pizza Dungeon Dice is packaged in a clear-sided shaker that will nest together with more shakers making for easy identification, transportation, and organization of your dice collection. Inspired by the cheese shakers on tables in pizza parlors, these shakers are also the perfect jar to use as your dice cup!

Pick up your Pizza Dungeon Dice today, Shop now!


Section 3 - 12 Days of Reaper 


From December 1 through December 12, choose one FREE 12 Days Mini for each $40 spent on ReaperMini.com!
01581 Christmas Dragon Hoard 

01591 Christmas Mockingbeast 

01620 Cat Dragon in Box 

01589 Father Christmas 

01593 Wrapping Dragon 

01595 Tinker the Gnome 

01612 Mylk and Cookies 

01621 Winter Elf 

01631 Dragon and Stocking 

01640 Cat Dragon in Tree 

01659 Christmas Hugs 

01661 Mistletoe Goblin

Starting on Monday, December 13th, all 12 of the 12 Days of Reaper models will be for sale through December 31st!
Insert 12 Days 2021


2021 Holiday Paint Set $35.99

This 2021 Holiday Paint Set comes with 12 bottles of Reaper Master Series Core Colors with new shades along with some classic favorites! This special edition paint set is only available during the holiday season. Makes a great gift for your favorite mini painter!


09805 Smores Triad $10.95

09610 Graham Cracker

09611 Toasted Marshmallow

09612 Chocolate Bar


09806 Season's Greetings Triad $10.95

09613 Cranberry Red

09614 Angelic Gold

09615 Spruce Green


09807 Winter Snow Triad $10.95

09616 Dreidel Blue

09688 Peppermint White

09692 Frosty Blue

09808 Holiday Classics Triad $10.95

09658 Christmas Wreath

09689 Sparkling Snow

09693 Coal Black

Reaper Twitch!

Want to see some of your favorite artists paint every day, get helpful tips, or hang out with the reaper crew in all manners of ways! Then the Reaper Twitch channel is for you, did we mention that it is LIVE! Watch live here  [Twitch Schedule image]

Reaper Toolbox - Protips: Hosted by Anne Foerster, a rotating cast of miniatures each morning throughout the week to get your creativeness flowing! Discussing techniques and trying new things, join Anne every morning!

Beyond the Kit: Hosted by Rhonda Bender, creator of the legendary “Learn to Paint Kit”, With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, join Rhonda as she goes Beyond The Kit!

The Crow’s Nest: Ran by Michael Proctor and Jason Wiebe in this interview-based painting show. Joined by friends and leaders in the industry to have a Paint Club-like feel while painting. From Michael’s painting expertise and Jason’s legendary sculpting experience, they form a great duo!

Reaper Presents MiniaturesDen: Join Vincenzo, an Italian Miniature painter from Italy, in crazy antics and some phenomenal miniature painting each week. With a personality as vibrant and contrasted as his painting style, you don’t want to miss this!

Reaper Presents The Crafty Creative: Host Josh Foreman, a videogame Artist/Designer, with a knack for building and crafting all manner of things! From large mountain cliffs to a 4ft tall Dice tower there is a wide breadth of crafting to be done here.

Reaper Live!: The Reaper crew in our weekly news and update show that happens every Thursday. New releases, memes, & updates on what’s going on around Reaper Miniatures!

ReaperLand: Showing off your paint jobs for all to see, marble race tournaments, highlighting important community moments, and much more. A collection of all of the cool stuff the community creates and does.

Reaper Errant: A D&D 5E campaign that is run by the team over at KnightHeart Gaming! Cast includes prominent artists and sculptors that work with Reaper Miniatures that you know and love. Miniatures and terrain decorate the table and impressive camera work make you feel like you are at the table yourself. Join our artist every other Friday!

The House of Vex: Host Aaron Lovejoy & Liz Hunt of Miniature Monthly showcase the Reaper Vex Airbrush and what it’s like to have this bad boy as a workhorse in your arsenal of tools for the hobby! This show airs once a month on Friday night, so come party and join in on the antics.

Twitch Schedule current.jpg


Ask Sophie Anything!

Question: Will we see more Sophie minis in the future?
Sophie: If I have my way, and I always do, then there will be mini’s made of me forever! *Giggles* 


Ask Reaper Anything! Give us suggestions, things you’d like to see, or just general questions that you would like answered! We may feature your questions and comments on upcoming newsletters and social media posts!

Ask Reaper Anything!

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