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Lidless Eye Hobbies: Undead Giants (3D Prints)

Lidless Eye

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29 minutes ago, haldir said:

Nicely done!! Love the color of the bones.


Also, perfect timing as looking at my new adventures I see, I'll be in need of undead hill giants for one of them.


Be warned if you order/print him, he is ridiculously oversized for a Hill Giant.  I scaled him down to about 65%.


Not sure if he is still up, but he was a free sample piece from the "Tempest Keep" Kickstarter they ran.

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Wonderful set,  my players would totally freak if I set up that encounter on the the table - 

they are really well coordinated. 

I mean they are 2nd level but still.   


Like other commentators, I think the hill giant is the standout.  Nice work scaling him and matching him to the others. 

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