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Battletech Mercenaries


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8 hours ago, Corsair said:

Really liking your progress. In the pics it looks like the wash really made the emblem on the top of the King Crab pretty indistinct, how is it showing in real life?

It’s not as distinct as I’d like, Though it depends on the light. I’m trying to decide whether to redo it in a different color or not.

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Got a chance to finish a couple more mechs!



This would’ve been cool with glow effects from the missiles, but I’ll try OSL lighting on a later project. 


the Black Knight is almost done. Need to paint the wreckage, the I’ll finish it off. 


And some reinforcements. these are in the very, very beginning stages.


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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks great!


Nearly got my kintaro finished, and the Warbow has received its wash and is ready for clear coat.


and I’m continuing to piddle with these, but I’m trying to focus on the other two first.


47D66618-3558-4B21-A1CB-17A4EFBFB2B3.thumb.jpeg.cf6ba480a2367b118a7c928aa9e5711b.jpegthese are some Stls from Stato minis. Their inspirations are easy to figure out. I think that they will make good proxies. 


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Managed to get a small game of alpha strike in. And quite smashingly (pun intended) managed to kill a sentinel with my Emperor using death from above. But I admit to a bit of sympathy for my opponent, his first game, while he won initiative most of the time, his mechs could not hit the broad side of a barn, with his terrifying annihilator not hitting even once in the game. Must have been unpainted mini syndrome. 
On another note I have delved into the world of decals!


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Slowly but surely the Conquerer is taking form. 
planned armament is a Ultra AC20s, er large laser in each arm, with a pair of medium pulse lasers all Clan spec in the torso. 
After searching through the internet for ultra AC pictures wildly different looks for the same weapon, the number of barrels changes based on the source varying between single, double even a triple barreled designs. Ended up settling on a tri barrel design. Still needs work we’ll see how it goes.

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