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03296 Monstrous Snowmen

Grumpy Cave Bear

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40 minutes ago, Poilu_1914 said:

These are really great! I need to do a weird Xmas vignette now! Get these and the creepy santas from Wargames Foundry.


Thanks for pointing those out!  I'm trying to build a Christmas-themed skirmish warband, and those look like good candidates!  I was going to add some Yetis and put Krampus as the warband leader, but evil Santas will work too.  

I'm also trying to paint up a Jack-O-Lantern themed Halloween warband, but Reaper has made that task much easier.

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2 hours ago, RogaDanar said:

OMG! I never thought of a Christmas Village skirmish scene! Darn it! Now that must be made. So many projects in mind and that one just swept the table clear in my head to make room!


I hadn't thought of it in terms of a Christmas Village skirmish -- I just wanted to make a few interestingly themed warbands -- but now that you mention it, a Department 56 village would make for some interesting prepainted wargame terrain.... 

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