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    • By Metalchaos
      Happy holiday everyone, I hope you will all find some time to take a break today.
      Here's a converted Goblin skirmisher I completed last night. It's made out of 77445, Goblin skirmishers sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
      I swapped its weapon and shield with those of the other goblin. It was a lot of fun to work on.
      Have a great day!







    • By Restless
      My 1 and a half year long D&D campaign in Theros has ended today and the present I gave each of my players was an amphora painted in ancient Greek style with the epic tale of their character.
      Big thank you to Nautical3D on Etsy for printing me these great amphoras! 
      And a giant thank you and much love to my players for sticking with me as I learned to DM and improvise sessions. They kept coming back every other week for my stories which gave me confidence that maybe it's worth sharing my art with the world. 🙂 
      I planned these amphoras as a gift 1 year ago and most of the work was waiting for the campaign to happen so I know what to paint haha! I looked at a lot of pictures of ancient Greek vase art and then made some concept art. Finally I put brush to vase and the final result happened.
      This is the side with the main characters 

      and the reverse side  - a character that was important to their story

      Sophia the warlock, human oracle. She was secretly a time traveler, here to repair the time flow and she was a champion of Kruphix. Alcolus the satyr bard was another time traveler that they bumped into and he worshiped Karametra.

      Laetus the leonin barbarian, overly proud champion of Heliod. He saved a Pegasus among many others.

      Amaranthe, the wood elf monk, a champion of Kruphix. She comes from the elusive Black Forest NW of Theros, guided by her god when her home was destroyed. Vanessa the cougar tabaxi rogue comes from the same place. They meet over a game of chess.

      Urisys, the satyr bard, champion of Klothys. She can see the strands of destiny tying people to where they are meant to be and she guides them on their right path through her songs. She loves to sing in taverns and there is always a crowd with her.

      Zelos, the minotaur fighter, champion of Iroas. He and his twin brother were trialed by the gods in an athletics competition when they were young and they both did well. But while Zelos went and won the Akroan games and became a legendary athlete, his twin, Kratos became a champion of Mogis. Destined to fight, their clash caused the two gods to fuse together into the long forgotten god of war which I depicted as a soldier riding a white bull.

      Thrassios, the triton ranger, devout champion of Thassa. The Tidelock Pearl was stolen from Thassa and he set out to get it back. Turns out Purphoros sent his champion, Lynda the steam golem to steal the pearl because he wanted to create flesh and blood creatures like Thassa did instead of just metal ones and this artifact would help him do that. Once the story got out, Thassa was both mad and flattered by her secret admirer. In the end, the two gods ended up dating and learning from each other's love for building and creating.

      Here are some photos from the process and some concept art I made to learn the ancient Greek painting style.






    • By Peithetairos
      Some may have seen it in the Facebook Group already, but I am working currently on a spelunking diorama that is a study in OSL. My first serious attempt at OSL it turned out to be a daunting and mindbending affair. I established the base colours and lighting via airbrush and then went back in with brush. Still a few things to fix, but it is getting there.

    • By veoviscool12
      I'm working on a conversion for my partner's character in our Swords and Wizardry campaign. She's a half-elf rogue with red hair that dual-wields swords, but unfortunately Reaper doesn't sell an exact figure of that type. There are a couple of other figures that might have worked but we both really liked Lanelle's base, so I took on the task of converting her to wield two swords and carry a shield on her back.
      The sword conversion wasn't too difficult; I bought three copies of Lanelle so I could take the sword from one and have a third as a back-up in case I messed something up. I carefully snipped off the sword, and used a pin vise to attach it. I used the baking soda and superglue combo to patch up a few small gaps. The shield was harvested from a 77024 goblin mini, and has a little pin in it which will attach to her back. I'm keeping them separate for now to ease painting.

      The original figure; this is the backup.

      The successful conversion; the red hair is stained from a previous attempted paint job that was removed with Simple Green.

      You can see the gaps a little on this side, but they've very minor and I believe paint will help disguise it later.

      There are no visible gaps on the outside.

      The shield will be attached right in the center of of her back; if positioned correctly I think it'll
      just reach the sheath on her belt and give the illusion that the dagger is just hidden behind the shield.

      The donor shield and unhappy goblin; I think this mini will make a nice battle-scarred goblin with a tragic past.
    • By Evilhalfling
      The term was introduced into evolutionary biology by L. A. Borradaile, who described it as "one of the many attempts of Nature to evolve a crab".  1916. 
       It is believed to have independently occurred 5 times. 
      or a wizard did it. 
      this was a 45min conversion at reapercon hobby hijinx tables. Made from an angel, drider and flail snail, painted as hermit crab. 
      if I did another, it would be easier to paint the drider as a sea-elf instead of adding a new mini.   Not sure why I would want a second, but it was fun to make! 

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