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Got some pics of some terrain I painted up over the past few months which were still accessible. A good chunk of my collection is currently packed away so just some pieces that I'd left around and snuck into the various christmas stuff around the house.


Warlord/Italiari Stone Bridge



A rather nice kit that is somewhat irritating to get together correctly with the various parts that need to slot together...just 6 pieces, 2 each of 3 different parts (Sides, and two parts for the top and underside of the bridge). The ridge in the center of the tops of the sides is one that is a pain to get any of gone, but at the same time, if you do, you end up removing all of the detail that makes it look like stonework. The detail on the top and bottom of the bridge is also shallow and rather difficult to do much with for drybrushes unlike the sides of the bridge. It's still a nice looking kit with rather minimal issues and most minis stand just fine on it at any point.


Tabletop Workshop Dark Ages Chapel




Another good kit, though I think that there were issues with the one I got. It has a sculpted interior that I wanted to set the kit up so that I could access it...but the inside was poorly cast with large areas that would have required extensive work compared to ones I've seen in various YouTube videos over the years. It's also one that I couldn't find anyone selling it in the US and needed to pay a decent chunk more for shipping from the UK...I'd love to get their other kits, but they're not worth the cost and international shipping for them.


Alicorn Statue




I'd found a decently scaled unicorn/pegasus toy at Dollar Tree a few months ago, sold in 2 packs with one that was the right size to repaint for use as a mini and a giant one. I just found a cheap wooden plaque in the same store for the larger one to use as a statue. I have two more that I need to grab a base for because they aren't restocking the oval ones and the others would work well for a paired one. I've been using the smaller ones as part of a Dragon Rampant force. The mini included for scale is Human Druid, Asandris who is painted to work with that force which is composed of, mainly, Anhurians...most of which are put away due to not yet having everything back in place after replacing carpets.


Statue of Man-At-Arms



Another Dollar Tree thing with their He-Man toys, just a bit to large to fit in with the majority of my stuff, so I shaved off the more techno bits from his gear and painted him as a statue, gluing him to a wooden disc from the craft store with a bit of painted card as a plaque on it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a very clear pic of the front, camera just wouldn't focus right.


Sacred/Memorial Stone



Just a quick terrain piece that I put together when I needed a rune stone or similar immobile piece for a couple scenarios. It's, mainly, foam that's been heavily textured and coated with plaster while being attached to the 2" Nolzur's bases. While I loathe those bases for minis, I've found that they work great for smaller scatter pieces that don't need to be moved around the table that often.





A rather quick paint and base of some craft store wooden barrels, again on a 2" Nolzur's base. I needed something to mark for a supplies objective in a game and just tossed it together when I needed it. I'm probably going to be making a few more similar ones.


Rustic Cabin






This is completely scratch built save for the shield which came from a Fireforge Games: Foot Sergeants kit (Same as the shield on the Sacred Stone). I started out making this following the tutorial from Mr Waaagh Media on YouTube's channel with a few changes to fit most of my minis, then decided to upgrade the design with wood and add a fireplace...which led to making a removable roof and playable interior. The tutorials on the channel are decent, but aimed more for beginners and I tend to see a lot of them and things to heavily upgrade them into things that look a lot more a part of the table.


The Old Promontory Garden Ruin




This started with the structure on top as something from Dollar Tree, it was, originally, just a brightly colored lantern, but the shape reminded me of the old garden aviaries, so I removed the light and started building up from the base to create something that would look like it fit and in the old, abandoned feel for it while retaining some playability and something that would work well as a piece to display some minis on at home.


It also pushed me to experiment with other options for larger rockwork as this was, started and largely built last year during the major lockdowns and I ran out of the thicker foam that I would have turned to for it, and used layers of foamboard from Dollar Tree for it. Largely shaping it after assembling the general form and adding a lot of texture work to try for rock striations with patching compound and small stones worked into it to add more to it as I went. I think it ended up working extremely well and I'm considering other formations and structures that might work as an addition to this since I have another of the lanterns that I haven't done anything with yet.







And two large terrain pieces that I put together relatively recently. They're designed that I can hide a bit of the edges of the two with the bridge from earlier as part of a setup in a few ways for a bridge across a swampy/marshy area or be used on their own or individually in parts of a board.


I started with a large, but rather thin plywood circle from the craft store, then I used the card from a larger box of soft drink cans that I cut to form the basis of the drier areas, then I worked in larger stones and patching compound to smooth things out, worked a few dried and sterilized twigs and some different sands glued over it before painting it up. The lilypads are made by taking a 3x5 card, painting it up with a mix of different greens, letting it dry and going to town with a hole punch before using scissors to cut a notch in them and putting them ontop of the polyeurethane gloss that I used for the water with a tiny bit more gloss ontop of them. I still have a pile of them put away for later use from the card.

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Found a few more terrain pieces I've had around.





Picked the gates up last January or February from Dollar Tree when they got their fairy garden stuff in. The original paint job was horrid with them having bright rock color and the gates where a single rusty orange. They painted up well and, as seems to happen far more often than I like, when I went for a couple more, they didn't have any more of them. I still have a few other things from that line that I want to repaint. The other side of them is the same as the front,


Overgrown Well




A christmas village well from, again, Dollar Tree, heavily repainted because it was a very spotty paint job. A lot of the flocking is covering areas where they sculpted on snow for it.  I put it on a 2" Nolzur's base because the original also had some issues with toppling in the breeze.







Two pieces from a giants graveyard set I've been, slowly, working on with a new piece or two a year. It's using various bones from halloween decorations and party favors. It's just something that I can't stay focused on for long at any point, I burned out on the undead a long while back when I burned through most of an old Vampire Counts army and I just didn't want to do any more bones for a while. I've painted/repainted some old minis I'd gotten for that army during lockdown as well, but it's not something that I'm going to do more than a few at a time and normally ones I might need for other games.

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3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Very cool  stuff in this thread; you're pretty good at turning non miniatures stuff into very interesting miniatures scenery.

It always feels like being able to do that becomes a necessary skill the longer you play. Especially when you end up on a budget for gaming stuff.

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Found one older piece and a few that I finished today...


LotR Ruin




Did this one a while ago, it's from the first GW starter set for it...got it the year it was released. I'm trying to figure out where the other half of the ruin went, I could only find this corner and want the other to put opposite it, and it disappeared somewhere a far longer time ago...it was right after lockdowns started that I'd gotten around to basing and painting the piece up because the wall kept getting knocked around when used...


Ruined Doorway (77987)




I'm still thinking about adding some flock around the edges with the dirt area. The edges might need a bit of a touchup because the texture didn't drybrush for the dirt how I thought they would, and the rubble isn't quite as detailed as I would have liked. But it's a decent piece of scatter for the table. Got this and Hangman's Gibbet last night and rushed the paintjob for them as I don't have much room and it's been a bit since the last time I could paint.


Hangman's Gibbet (77619)




This is another one I rushed with it. Simple paint job for it. The base piece was great, but the pole and arm wouldn't straighten out despite a lot of work to try it, same with the noose.


It also looks like there should have been a larger lever for the trapdoor as the design is odd there.


Foot Bridge




I think that this was originally an aquarium decoration on sale at walmart when I got it. Then misplaced it for a few years. The original colors were basically dull brown for the majority with the details in neon green and silver for the pieces at the top there.


The pictures washed it out a bit there, probably because I wanted it to look like different white stone, and a lot of the coloration faded there...unfortunately, the little decorations on top weren't well sculpted there.

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A couple more things.





Just a rather cheap campfire from a plastic cowboys/frontier kit from Dollar Tree on a 2" Nolzur's base with some sand for basing. I've got several of these that I've used for D&D games along with a few skirmish setups.


Deep Cuts Catapult




It's a very nice thing to have that works well. The only issues is that it takes a lot of work to get them flat if they get distorted in the box or from falling. Easy to position in place if you add a base for it.


I'm looking for a permanent crew for it that would fit with the Anhurians that my main force is made up of.


Buddha Statue




It's a repainted dollar tree candle holder that I'd bought, originally as terrain for Ronin, and never did anything with it until the lockdowns started when I stripped and painted it, the original paint looked like a layer of sprayed on black primer with a relatively decent gold drybrush. While I can't get a good shot of it, the actual slot for the tea candle has some rather basic koi work that I did using the various videos of the resin/paint koi art. They work decently for the size.


Elephant Statue



A repainted dollar tree incense burner, again something I'd originally gotten for Ronin though I wish that I'd just painted it up as a bit oversized elephant mini rather than a statue as the sculpt is really nice, but I'd needed the statue and just kept going with the terrain work there and the Koi pond its standing in.


Unfortunately, the water spray for the fountain didn't work that well, but I anchored that in rather well and buried the connection point in the body with several layers of gloss. Also the top layer of gloss ended up with a lot of dust in it which is kind of irritating, but was due to needing to clear off my workspace rather quickly due to various things at the time.

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  • Moderator

I agree, you've got some really nice terrain pieces here. :winkthumbs:


About the gallows: is it too late to try and drill it out and insert a brass rod to force it straight?

I wouldn't worry about the noose; just say it's swaying in the breeze.

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6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I agree, you've got some really nice terrain pieces here. :winkthumbs:


About the gallows: is it too late to try and drill it out and insert a brass rod to force it straight?

I wouldn't worry about the noose; just say it's swaying in the breeze.

I tried to drill it out...it started warping a lot more while I was working on it and gave up. The noose hadn't bothered me with it.

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Just a few more pieces done quickly...


Direction Sign



This didn't want to focus in, it's, originally, from a christmas village set (Same one I got the mailbox and postman from the diorama I did). I still haven't decided what to have it direct to and I'm looking for a good pen to write with on it for that...I've got one put away somewhere and I'm still getting things back into place after replacing the carpet in my work area.


Menhir (From the pack with the Highlands Familiar: 77390)




I really like the piece with a base for some scatter. It painted up rather easily as well. I've wanted to grab this one for a while but had other buys needed each time with limits on what I could get...not sure if I'll end up painting the familiar though.


Monument Statue (Gravestone of Protection: 77539)




I had some fun painting this up, and I'd gotten it mainly due to the shield and wanted to have something that would fit the force I've been painting up as their shield design.


Part of me wanted to cut off the stand and fill the cracks in for the shield and on the back because she would probably work rather well for the force.

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Well, after about 2 weeks of allergy problems caused due to putting away christmas stuff that left me unable to paint (nasty cough and watering eyes), I have finally gotten back to it with some work on a few of the fairy garden pieces I picked up from Dollar Tree. It's mainly more of the gates, but they did have one thing that interested me a lot more. The gates are still on the table and I wanted something to finish quickly. Gates are easy, but it's more of the wait for things to dry.


Timber Pile




The logs are large and came with some sculpted growth on them. Other than the primer I used and one longer break, it took about a half hour of painting time (The longer break was due to meeting someone for dinner while I let the inkwash I used dry before working back up).


This is large enough to work with my pile of giant trees that I did a few years back and, perhaps, limbs cut off, and would work for just larger logs and a more general scatter that blocks sight and can be climbed so would work to be positioned as a stairs to higher levels if I want.

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6 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:

I think I saw that log staircase at my local Dollar Tree a few months ago. Thought they were too far out of scale for gaming, but yours looks great. I’ll pick one up if I see it again. 

It seems to work great as a scatter piece. Having it be able to work as just a pile of larger logs helps with making it fit in most woods or similar situations


Part of me is tempted, now, to go back and add flock over the plant growth parts to blend it in with the rest of what I have a bit more, but I kind of like the paint part there...

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