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Potential Campaign Map

Rob Dean

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I’m not sure what I have written about potential miniatures campaigns previously.  In short summary, I concluded recently that I might make more progress on painting some of my backlog if it had a backstory.  My 1/72 scale fantasy miniatures campaign and associated painting have been progressing reasonably well lately.


Looking over my inventory of finished miniatures, I concluded what I needed what a 3-power map incorporating Byzantines, Saracens, and Orcs.  The first stab at this map, several years ago, was overly ambitious and stalled out.  With some time on my hands, I decided to try again, and keep it simpler (and smaller—this is on a sheet of 9x12 cold press watercolor paper).


It’s probably not recommended, but I starting sketching in pencil, and then inked as I went along. 




I wanted some color, and the tools that I brought with me were watercolor pencils.  Once I had the drawing done, I roughed in some color with the pencils.




By that time I was tired, so I decided to do the final step, wetting and brushing the pencil work, this morning:




I need to play around a bit with the color level, but I was trying for a more desaturated green than some of my previous maps, and this is pretty close.




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